How I Met *Van Gogh* for the Very First Time

yellow sunflowers with green leafs painted on glass vintage window by debbie arambula painter of love
Reverse Glass Painting on Rescued Vintage Window ‘Sunflower Breeze’ by Debbie Arambula




















blue vase with yellow sunflowers green leafs reverse glass painting by debbie Arambula
Reverse Glass Painting on Rescued Vintage Window ‘Sunflower Magic’ by Debbie Arambula Painter of Love

When I first introduced sunflowers in my Reverse Glass Paintings on rescued vintage windows, people would stop dead in their tracks and say, “This reminds me of Van Gogh.” They would often comment that the passion they felt was raw and innocent, all at the same time. . . Even today, people compare me to Masters such as Monet, Van Gogh, Georgia O’Keeffe, Matisse, Peter Max & Jim Dine.

How I met Van Gogh for the very first time. I am embarrassed to say, at that time in my career, I really did not know Van Gogh. As a self-taught artist, I really never studied artists & their works, and from the beginning of my career, I have always painted what I feel inside, not what I see. 18 years and 1000’s of paintings painted and sold later, what I feel always comes first and most likely, this is where Van Gogh and I are kindred spirits. He painted from the deepest part of his soul.

After this, I read about his journey, his trials, his tortured soul; to live in a time when others don’t understand or agree with your style of painting, to be so misunderstood, ridiculed & laughed at for painting differently, to have sold so few paintings in his lifetime and to never be recognized as one of the greatest painters of his time, until long years after his death, is a story that any artist worth their weight in gold can identify with.

Yes, we artists are *Living the DREAM*. We bear our naked imaginations to the world, open our hearts to ridicule and pioneer our way through critical comments, rejection, embarrassment and self-doubt. We adore and relish in the compliments, the great connections and most of all we love and appreciate our supportive art collectors.

For without you, my beloved collector, I would not be here now, sharing with you one of the greatest paintings I have ever painted:Check out my NEW Sunflower Painting


Join The Conversation: How do sunflowers inspire you? How has Van Gogh inspired your home, your décor, your spirit?

A special tribute to Van Gogh and the paints he used.
Before I set out to paint my newest series of Sunflowers I was approached by one to the largest art supply companies in the East Coast, “Jerry’s Artarama” They selected me to sponsor, giving me the gift of any paints I choose in exchange for a honest review of the paints and products. Perhaps it is ironic that I choose to use oil paints by Lukas, the very paint that Van Gogh selected for his paintings.
Lukas oil paints are of high quality, how could they be otherwise, the company has been around since 1862. The colors are more on the traditional side than I am used to, but never the less the paint was creamy and luscious to paint with. I would highly recommend you giving them a try for your next masterpiece!

Check out my newest Painting: Sunflower Link

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