Why I want to Spreading Love thru ART Inspiring Children across America

Kids are the Future! And without art their imaginations get rusty!

Nurturing Creativity, Empowering Kids and Communities Through Art is my life’s dream

Feb 17th 2013 Spread the Love Campaign at Heartworks Gallery in downtown Campbell California
Feb 17th 2013 Spread the Love Campaign at Heartworks Gallery in downtown Campbell California

For 18 years, I have traveled the country, participating in 100’s of art shows, bringing happiness to people of all ages worldwide through my whimsical colorful artwork. I have owned my own gallery and over the years my art has traveled to countries far and wide. Yes painting rocks my world! But inspiring kids and people to love and treat each other with compassion, kindness is what my heart art is all about. Spreading more love through art is my way of inspiring community spirit, creativity, compassion and kindness in the world!

My Personal Story: I remember when I was a little girl, I knew wholeheartedly, that I could be or do anything! Unfortunately, my dream for becoming an artist died at the age of five. I recall sitting in kindergarten, creating the most AMAZING piece of art I had ever created. It was at that moment that I knew I wanted to be an artist! I looked up at my teacher and told her “I want to be an artist”! She looked at me, with a very concerned face and said, “Oh honey, artists don’t make money, and you need to ‘make money’ to live.” Sadly enough, little people take words to heart. I honestly thought she meant I had to “Make Money”, like paint pictures of money or something like that, and it made me so sad, angry and confused. I didn’t want to ‘Make Money’, I wanted to make art! I decided I could never be an artist!

My Life’s dream shriveled up into a hidden corner of my heart that day, like a little dormant flower, hoping to find the sun! It wasn’t until the age of 35 that little flower burst into bloom, and a little girl’s dream was re-kindled. Sad to say, the stultification of creativity riddles our society, our schools, our families, our corporations. And even worse the dreams, aspirations and creativity level of children, teenagers & adults get crushed every day.

I believe that living a life of happiness comes down to two simple principles: creativity and making good choices, by measuring your actions against how you yourself would like to be treated. Inspiring kids to use these two concepts during my Spread the Love Through Art workshop is powerful. Unfortunately, due to a lack of funds in schools, art has become an exclusive activity for those that can afford it.

3 years ago, I started my Spread the Love Campaign as a pilot. I gave FREE art sessions to over 600 people, from 2 to 79 years old. I did it every chance I could, in between a busy life of running a gallery and traveling to participate in fine art shows across the country. I did it in front of my gallery, at farmers markets, for community groups, Girl Scout troops, in public schools. IT WAS A BLAST! I provided my time & energy, all the art supplies, and my 17 years of experience as a successful painter. And WOW, DID I inspire! Children & adults of all ages picked up paint brushes and painted up a flurry of creativity. Smiles grew and happiness flourished, and a few children looked up at me and told me they wanted to be any artist. AND OF COURSE I SAID, “GOOD! WE NEED MORE ARTISTS IN THE WORLD!”

Sm Debbie Arambula Spread the love Campaign at Heartworks Gallery  IMG_1101

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