Beyond the Boundaries *Purple Heart ART*


Purple Heart Art, Beyond the Boundaries by Debbie Arambula

Since a very young age, I always believed we are all artists in our own way and life is our GIANT canvas. Paint brushes our bright imaginations open to colors of possibility of our dreams. But when life kicks you around, sometimes that imagination dies away and we forget the simple truth: If you believe you cannot, you will not, if you believe you can, you will.
My life as an artist has been far from easy; someday I may share a deeper part of my journey. Happiness comes from within your own ability to believe and do what it takes to make your dream come true, and from a constant willingness to never give up. And for sure, taking care of ourselves is vital to our spiritual, mental & physical health.
Yes, I have the will power & support from my loving family and friends to push beyond all boundaries and barriers that stop me, but easy it IS NOT! People say, “Oh you are so lucky to be doing what you want in life.” YES, I am VERY GRATEFUL for my life and the people in it, but luck has NOTHING to do with it! The simple truth is that I live my paintings, I live my words. YES I am blessed in so many ways, and every day, I acknowledge this. But the simple truth is I create my life the way I want it to be every step of the way and everything I have earned in this life was because I believed it and I did the work to make it happen.
The lifestyle of an artist who cares about the World the way I do is not for the idle, the dim witted, nor the faint of heart. I love my life; I love all of you in it.
I was sitting in my art studio this morning, finding myself staring at “Beyond the Boundaries”, almost mesmerized. I felt a sense of calmness in knowing that this circle of life is an evolution of getting through each boundary with growth, openness and healing, and coming out the other end stronger, wiser and happier. Creating a simple life with activities and people in it that enhance my survival is all I am after. But I too know that when one experiences the traps or barriers in life, one can feel frozen and a sort of sadness can wash over you, and rising above these barriers can feel like you’re carrying a 500lb weight on your back. Aches and pains nag at you like a long lost friend you wish you never had.
Sometimes in the process you find yourself recreating your vision and sometimes a revised version of you!
‘Beyond the Boundaries’ is elegant, simple, powerful, clean, open & beautiful, like you. It is a symbol that represents our heart’s journey and a reminder to be kind to yourself, nurture the people and activities that increase your happiness, treat your bright, beautiful imagination like you would a 5 year old and let your pallet of paints flow. And most of all, may you always find your beautiful voice of strength to create your life the way you want it to be, every time you look at this heart!
As you may know, this piece is very precious to me. The original edition is sold out and I only have 30 left in the entire edition. Today I am releasing 15 of the 30. Since 2014 is the “Year of LOVE” (that’s what I call it), I have decided to release it at prices and sizes that should make you do a happy dance.

CHECK THIS WONDERFUL PIECE on my WEBSITE:  Beyond the Boundaries

2 thoughts on “Beyond the Boundaries *Purple Heart ART*

  1. Deb –

    I have owned this piece since it was first released. I see it every day as I enter into my
    living room and it gives me an immediate feeling of peace as a I see it. In the past
    several months, I’ve suffered personal losses of my own, but have also helped a friend
    whom since last Sept. lost his wife of 34 years to cancer, 5 months later his son passed
    away, and then just 2 weeks ago he found out his brother passed away in LA. I wanted
    to give him this piece as I hoped it would give him the same kind of peace it gives me;
    however, it thought it was too “girlie”. I can only continue to be there for him and help
    him via the peace it gives me.

    Love to you always –

    ~ Rita Phillips


  2. Happy 4th of July my friend, Rita. YOu are So Sweet, perhaps I need to make a cool blue one or black and white… for the guys I mean. I am so glad that it gives you comfort, it does the same for me. I love you dearly!


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