*Loss into Gain*

Loss into Gain
Life is a funny thing… you go down your path, doing the things you do, building your dreams, making mistakes, having wins, experiencing loses, and all along the way, you bump into people that touch you in an extraordinary way. You know, those kind of people that are like family.
You love them in your journey as your paths cross, and sometimes your paths alter and they are not in your daily life, but you will always love them. They are the kind of friend that at any given moment, you can reach out your hand and laugh, exactly the way you did 20 years ago. And then you carry on your path of life with all its busyness and one day you find they are gone, left this earth, no longer to laugh with, play with and create magic together. At first you are shocked, possibly stricken with loss, grief, anger, sadness and how do you deal with such a thing? You didn’t get to say goodbye, you didn’t get to say I love you and all the things that run through your head and heart. . .
Since I was twelve, it never made since to me that you live on this earth and then you just die randomly, at some randomly chosen time… no disrespect here to anyone’s religious beliefs. I am just sharing what I know to be true. I mean really, is that all there is to life? Live and die at the age of 75, 82, 92? And then what? I do not believe this to be true. So for me, when someone dies that I dearly love, I locate them and tell them the things I need to say and I listen to them for the things they need to say to me, and we come full circle. I know that because we love each other, our paths will cross again. I am totally certain of that.
But what do you do with the loss feeling, the sadness.. You give more love away, you let other special people know how much you appreciated them, you just give love, openly, honestly and in abundance. Call your brothers, your sisters, your best friends, your cousins, your mom, your dad, your uncles and auntie’s and tell them you love them and that you are glad they have been in your life and that they have touched you in ways that no one ever could. That it is because of their special magic that you are the way you are….
And even in this moment, I am grieving a loss yet rejoicing for having met her, having loved her and having her love me back, having him share his spirit with me, having had good times together. Show your love & appreciation every chance you get. All people are unique. They have gifts that they offer like spices that make a delicious dish; each on their own is wonderful, but together we are extraordinary. Celebrate your spirit, you are extraordinary and you can produce love just in a smile, a hug and kind gesture. Give it away in abundance and let your light shine brightly!

This blog is in honor of our “Uncle Wendy” (Wendy Doven Friend), and our dear friend “Dick” (Richard Earl Smith). Both artists & musicians whom never met each other, but for whom I am attending both funerals in the same weekend, and both extraordinary beings that have touched my life in so many ways. Thank you Wendy and thank you Dick!
Thank you to Al Fabrizio and Hugo Wainzinger from HeartstringsMusic.com for serenading the heart artist soul!

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