“Lockets of LOVE” *2014 Heart Art painting* by Debbie Arambula


What gifts life brings us each day, like little lockets of love blessings that fill our day with joy, hope, happiness and even occasionally a realization or two. 

A few days ago I had the pleasure of taking care of our grandbaby, Ruby Jane and what a gift this was for my heart and soul.  

Funny Story; while changing her clothes, Ruby looked up at me and started this whole amazing 5 minute long conversation about a piece of my art that is sitting on her window seal.

OMG It was beyond precious & I so wish I had a video camera. Honestly it was 5 minutes long, now keep in mind she is only 3 1/2 months old, if there is one thing I have always believed in with babies, that they are old souls and that they are aware of so much more than most give them credit for.

Anyhow, she was looking at a little framed piece of one of my heart art pieces about 2 inches tall that is sitting on her windowsill, she literally stared at the piece and told me all about how she loved it and it was so pretty and she wants one in her bedroom and she can’t wait to paint with me and so on.

This was a very special moment with my granddaughter and I was instantly reminded of the preciousness of my own children. Needless to say my heart filled with an overwhelming feeling of love for my own babies, funny how Grandbabies are like little gifts that keeps giving in so many ways and on so many levels.

 But here is the funny thing she just went on an on staring at the art and telling me all about it for 5 long minutes. I was shocked to see this baby 3 1/2 months old be affected by one of little piece of art. SILLY ME THIS IS exactly what people tell me all the time and I just take it for granted!  Every time I paint I have you in mind, I am not sure if other artists paint this way, but for me it is that little girl inside wanting to make you smile, laugh, feel better, be happy and when I saw this effect on my own granddaughter it hit me like an arrow straight to my heart. 

For weeks now I have been hiding one of my new paintings from the public eye and honestly I have been a bit tormented on releasing it, I am SO IN LOVE WITH THIS PIECE, just like Ruby Jane was when she was staring at the piece.

Honestly I was even sure I wanted to sell the original, but then unwittingly Ruby came to your defense, she helped me realize that “Lockets of LOVE” is one of those magical pieces that would be the perfect VALENTINE GIFT, The perfect gift for a mother, daughter, granddaughter, grandmother, a couple in love with a huge family, it is the perfect celebration of love.

 “Lockets of LOVE” Heart Art painting is about family connections, friend connections and how they drip into your heart like a garden of flowers, ‘Spreading LOVE’. A perfect inspiration piece for what I call the year of love, 2014!

“Lockets of LOVE” was inspired by the unlimited capacity to fill our days, and other’s, with pleasure, good thoughts, wishes, positivity… Now I am not talking with a PollyAnna-type attitude, no, that’s wishy-washy. I am talking about the simplicities of spreading love in a smile, good manners, setting a good example, being kind, helpful….  Just look at this painting. How does it make you feel? What’s it saying to you, your heart?  

Your own story lies in this painting or perhaps another that you have been looking at for a long time. But when you own one of these paintings, I will tell you by my getting 1000’s of emails, phone calls, text, fb posts, that my art does something. And if it can inspire a 3 ½ month old baby to talk about the art for 5 minutes, well, need I say more?

I am just the muse. My dream is simple: to inspire you every day through my art to pick up the paint brush of your life energy and create a masterpiece. To never lose your dreams, to love yourself more than you did yesterday, to find pleasure and happiness in the simple things in life, and to find the humor in the challenges called Life. We are in this life together, otherwise we wouldn’t have connected. Thank you for being a part of my life. You have no idea how you inspire me!

“Lockets of LOVE” is officially released tonight and on sale now as a Special, Small Edition, so don’t delay!

This piece is not available as a print. “Lockets of Love” Special Edition is exclusively available in two sizes only.

In celebration of the ‘Year of Spreading LOVE’ I have three amazing offers for you:

·       The Original *Heart Art Painting* is for sale and will be available for viewing on Sunday at the Campbell Farmers Market. For those interested in purchasing details of the original, email me at debbie@heartworksgallery.com.  Please be sure to put your phone number in the email. As you may know, many of my originals sell fast, so don’t be shy. Call me right away. I think this one is going to go fast. Don’t Be Shy! (408) 370-7278

2 thoughts on ““Lockets of LOVE” *2014 Heart Art painting* by Debbie Arambula

  1. Hello Debbie,
    I think of you often and hope that life is treating you and your family well. Congratulations on your grandbaby. Thats just wonderful news. I’m so happy to see your emails and the beautiful amazing art that you still continue to do. We love the three (3) we purchased from you a couple of years ago. There is not a day that goes by that I don’t find myself staring at all the breathtaking pieces of work. I just wanted to say hello and hope ur doing well.
    God bless you and your family 🙂
    Janeen and Andrew originally from New York/ Las Vegas friends
    We met in Las Vegas when you and your hubby did a show and you met my mom, aunt and uncle 🙂 hope that rings a bell


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