The Dawn Of the Dream

Dawn of New Beginning Sprinkled with Ruby Jane's LOVE
Dawn of New Beginning Sprinkled with Ruby Jane’s LOVE

A Dream Comes True at the Dawn of a New Beginning

By Debbie Marie Arambula

In the darkness of the early morning, 6:15am, I wake to the familiar sounds of roosters crowing to the coming of the light, and a smile comes to my heart, knowing that I am about to embark on the greatest adventure of my life. A dream comes true that I have dreamt all my life.

Going on the road in our new, used RV all repaired, safe and sound, with our cat named Romeo, dragging a trailer full of beauty and light, is just how Steve and I roll. In the current state of packing for the World of Art Showcase in North Carolina, our house looks like an Art Bomb went off in almost every corner of it!

Back in August, I was about ready to publicly announce the closing of my gallery in order to fulfill my dream of spreading more LOVE through art, across the Nation, through my Spread the LOVE Campaign. This morning, I’m coming full circle with the joy of the journey and the triumph of the heartache it took me to get to this very day.

Sometimes the journey becomes a fight for the dream, handling insurmountable barriers that get unexpectedly thrown your way.  And often in life, we are faced with an option for a new beginning, when fear knocks on our door like a creepy man hiding in the dark, to cast the shadows of doubt. And the moment you listen to him, your dream is dead!

In almost every attempt to embark on a dream’s journey that is out of the norm, not so understood by even the closest people around you, you are constantly challenged, all along the way, with voices of self-doubt. “Will you really make a difference?”, “Is this really a ‘smart’ idea?”, “Is this just some pie-in-the-sky dream that will never take you anywhere but chasing your tail?” Oh, the self-worry and doubt creeps in every chance it can, if you let it.  But when your true heart’s voice rises beyond all the voices of doubt, you just know that you are doing the right thing. You just know that THIS IS IT. And at that moment, you jump off the cliff of decision, believing yourself, your dream, your journey, your new beginning.

WE all make our life exactly what it is. Sure, life is a learning lesson. And the more tools we have to use in life to bring more pleasure to ourselves and others makes a happy life.  Sure we are handed experiences that make us or break us, but the truth of it is, that it is up to us to find a way to live our dreams. I am living proof of overcoming obstacles beyond what I have ever shared with you. Just being an artist is to say enough. Living your dream takes belief, confidence, a true heart, and in my case, lots of Italian passion, Irish stubbornness, Thanks Mom and Dad! And then add a ton of German persistence from my hubby and daughter, both jumping off the cliff as business partner to join me in the dream.

In every new beginning is the unknown territory of the journey. This is just how any Life’s adventure goes. But if there is one thing I have learned; that when the calling keeps calling, you have to live your dream, do or die.

With the birth of a child comes hope for the future, fresh eyes for new beginnings. And from the moment I knew Ruby Jane was coming into this world, it was like rocket fuel for my dreams. To inspire more kindness & more compassion in the world through art with kids is a dream come true. I will be officially launching my “Spread the Love Campaign” as the featured Guest Star at the Marbles Kids Museum in Raleigh NC.

As I sit here, sharing my personal story with you, I give you my heart and I dedicate my life to you, to inspire you and give hope to you to live your dreams. REACH FOR THEM, encourage others to live their dreams & most of all, don’t listen to fear. Rather, ignore it and START living your New Beginning! BELIEVE in YOU! And every now and then jump off a cliff to live your dream with all your heart!

To inspire you to live your dreams, I am officially releasing a

Limited Edition of “New Beginning”.

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New Beginnings Special Offer

Iris painting by Debbie Arambula painted with hands and fingers only!
New Beginnings by Debbie Marie Arambula
New Beginnings by Debbie Marie Arambula


New Beginnings by Debbie Marie Arambula

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