Lifes Catalysts Come in All Shapes and Sizes- Journey of *The Heart Artist*

Debbie Marie Arambula Heart ArtistIt’s funny, but it seems right around my birthday, I always have a feeling of renewal of self, a celebration type happy dance in my soul for all good things & people in my life. And man-oh-man, I am fired up!

Perhaps it was the news that my first baby granddaughter will be born in October; perhaps it’s another year married to the love of my life, celebrating 33 with my soul mate.

Perhaps it was being a featured artist at The Wynn Hotel in Las Vegas, having the time of my life with my best friend, and meeting one of the most amazing art moguls in the world, who then became one of my new collectors and changed my life forever.

Perhaps it’s the 16 years of persevering in the art world, where some artists never make it till they have left this earth. Knock on Wood!!!!

Or maybe it’s that my dreams are coming true: like living next door to my Mom and Dad with beautiful country mountain views, roosters crowing in the early morning, and caballeros riding across the Tuscan-like sunset sky.

One thing is for sure. When my son and daughter-in-law shared the great news that our first grandbaby would be joining us in 7 months, it motivated my world into OMG mode, transforming life into what I want it to be and get it done NOW!  No more working around the clock to fill the needs of all, but rather, a lightning bolt of decision to change certain things that could prevent me from taking care of me, myself and I, that would allow me to be the grandma that I want to be.

So I reassessed my life’s journey and designed my new MASTER PLAN to benefit all, and most importantly, let face it, our new grandbaby girl that is coming soon!

With that said, I some BIG NEWSto share with you! After my recent promotion in the art world and 16 years of running a gallery in Historic Downtown Campbell California and meet the demands of public appearance requests and precious painting time I am closing my Campbell Gallery to start our first “Mobile Gallery Art Tour” across the Nation! Spreading Love through art is my life’s purpose and using this tour as to kick off the next chapter of my life’s art journey couldn’t be more prefect! This will give me an opportunity to service my customers better while taking my “Spread the Love Campaign” Nationwide. I am beyond excited! Helping to inspire children and communities through art is my lifes dream!

colorful heart art
Debbie Marie Arambula’s Rainbow of Heart Art

We will officially close the galleries doors at the end of August 2013 but my heart will always remain in Campbell!

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