‘Remembrance’ Heart Art dedication to Veterans and 911

Brown Yellowish with rainbow of colorful floating hearts
Remembrance by Debbie Marie Arambula


by Debbie M. Arambula

The inspiration behind this piece is an old school patriotic honoring of all the firemen, policemen, mothers, fathers, brothers & sisters who gave themselves wittingly and unwittingly to a higher purpose. Every day, these beings put themselves in harm’s way to protect us and honor our human rights!

Whether a life is taken for war or for peace or an epic tragedy like 9-11, these beings are faced with a life journey that is almost impossible to fathom.

This warm, brownish-yellow heart art painting was inspired by my deep purpose to tap on the hearts of many; to remember, to honor those beings that have lost their lives. It is not just a pretty piece of art, but rather a monument of sorts to inspire people to do something about our country’s condition!

A life is lost when we don’t move forward as a culture and when we don’t create the change we want to be and be the change we want to see.

The multi-colored floating hearts are made from cherished recycled painted palettes, representing the souls that have passed on, dedicating their lives to our country, our world.

Celebrate all the souls that have given their lives during one of the most EPIC Wake-Up calls in history, September 11. I honor them, they are remembered!

This piece was painted partially in San Jose & finished in New York and unveiled in East Hampton, Long Island, New York on July 4th.

You can see the fantastic TV Interview that I had that day, one of the best interviews I have had in 14 years. The TV camera men were so moved that they had to turn off the camera a few times before we were able to complete the interview. You can’t even imagine how this piece looks in person! So full of energy!

Feel free to share this inspirational piece.  Honor the heart artist by linking the image to her website http://www.TheHeartArtist.com Thank you!

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