Ignite Imagination, Spark Creativity, Inspire Good Choices and Empower Children thru Art!

Purple swirly whimsical heart
‘Living Love’ Painting by Debbie Marie Arambula

Today I bring to you heart in hand. Today I share my personal hopes, my life’s’ dream, my soul’s purpose in this world: To utilize my art to Ignite Imagination, Spark Creativity, Inspire Good thoughts & Choices while Empowering children and adults thru art!

Whether through a colorful painting or in the stories that unfold with every painting I create, I give you my heart, openly, honestly and nakedly.

With recent events in the news, as well as a few unusual adventures that Life has not so graciously put onto my path this year, let’s just say that my viewpoint about the direction in which the World is heading jolted my purpose and passion like a lightening bolt to the heart. As a result, I can now longer put my lifelong dream on hold in any shape or form! I know what my job is on this planet and per your voice, via 100’s of testimonials in the form of letters, emails & phone calls, you’ve shared with me the multitude of benefits that my art gives your hearts, your homes, your offices!

Ever since I was little girl, I dreamed about a world without wars, a world where the color of a man’s skin doesn’t define him, but rather, celebrates his culture. A world where there was no killing, no drug addition, no poverty… Yep, I had big dreams as a kid, and throughout my entire life, I keep coming back to this one mission, this one goal: to use my art to uplift and inspire a world where people love, respect and care about each other. A world where we communicate with each other to the point of understanding and compassion. I am sure that in some deep hidden corner of my soul, this is why painting hearts is my passion.

My message is a simple one; to live from the heart, think with the head and create compassion from the soul!

Debbie and Steve Arambula in her colorful art booth in Monterey California

In the next few months you will see me go through some spectacular changes, both personally and in the art world.  I am reaching for the gold ring, the big Kahuna dream. There is no mediocre life for me in this life. In the wake of this metamorphosis, I am focusing my energy in one direction, it is called the “Spread the Love Campaign Tour”. Let me describe it for you. Steve and I will travel in a HUGE Sprinter van that is colorfully painted, kind of like a the old “Bookmobiles” that would visit our neighborhoods. We will be weaving the moral fabric back into society by creating art workshops for kids of all ages and using this fantastic, little, simple yet powerful booklet called The Way To Happiness, a non-religious moral code booklet that is so powerful and simple.

Children are our future. They are the light of hope for all mankind and when a culture loses it’s common decency, compassion, and care for it’s fellow man, mankind decays and dies away and what kind of future are we creating for our children?

Please know that every time you purchase one of my pieces of art, you are not just buying a piece to put on your wall or a gift for a friend, you are investing in a positive energy production machine that gives her heart nakedly to the world to ignite imagination for peace, spark creativity for LOVE, inspire good choices in matters of the heart and empower you with her colorful magic wand!

Visit my website today and find the magic that speaks to you www.theheartartist.com

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