The Power of LOVE

“Pop Hearts”

by Debbie Marie Arambula

“Pop Hearts” Blue, pink, purple rainbow heart art acrylic painting

Several years ago, around 2003 I was in my original art studio in my home; what a lovely studio it was, full of windows and a rugged backyard, giving me an abundance of space. I remember how the light danced softly across the windows, it was cozy, inspired by all sorts of rescued vintage windows, doors, chairs and things dangling from the ceiling. One big pile of a BEAUTIFUL MESS! I enjoyed working in the studio from early morning to late at night & sometimes till 3am, while listening to Jazz till the wee hours. With three small children at the time, this was the perfect time to let my imagination go wild.

Anyway, I was thinking about how one person can change your life just like that!  And out of the blue this piece was born. The power of love is within each of us and like a magic wand, it can wave it’s good energy across the lives of people we meet day in and day out. If we allow ourselves the journey we can love enough to change the way we feel about ourselves, our lives. And like a waterfall, in a moment, LOVES’ inspiration flows like the fountain of youth, and yet, in another moment of frustration, it withers like a dimly lit candle blowing in the wind. Love is so powerful that it can change everything! In fact, through love’s affection, people survive for the better, without it one withers. But whether you know it, it has been proven that it lingers in our soul. The power of love and the gifts that each one of us has to offer the world is an extraordinary energy like no other. The power of energy that exudes in one smile, one hug, one kiss, one touch…

We all have the capacity to heal, to inspire, nourish; we give happiness, compassion and support.  The power of love is only in your view of how to share it.

Simple don’t you think?

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2 thoughts on “The Power of LOVE

  1. Deb –

    Just wanted to say that I’m sorry that I missed seeing you on
    your recent trip to Del Mar. 😦 I’ve been having serious
    problems with my back over the last few months and am in fact
    scheduled for a new MRI today. Hopefully, they’ll be able to
    figure out what is going on with the massive spasms I’ve been

    I hope all is well with you & Steve and the rest of the clan! 🙂

    Love –

    ~ Rita


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