How to Frame YOUR ART

Springs Surprize
A breath taking photograph of a Vineyard in Sonoma, California, by Steve Arambula

I found this FANTASTIC video on how to frame your art. As the Heart Artist we constantly sell heart art prints and I am always suggesting affordable ways to frame your art. Well this video makes it simple and is an easy guide to selecting a frame for your art. We have an AWESOME framer here in Campbell California, ‘Signature Custom Framing’. They ALWAYS do a great job and give us service with a smile and the art looks the finished product looks like AMAZING! Because we travel so much we often use ‘Arron Brothers’, a national chain that is always having great deals!

Perfect Blend Multi colored art print
‘Perfect Blend’ Collage Art Framed Print by Debbie Marie Arambula

Good luck with your framing. Please leave a Comment below and be sure to ask us any questions. Beautiful Art hung on walls is our goal, this is when you really get to experience the full potential of the art and how it transforms any room. So get the art out off the floor and start framing it. You can also contact Steve or myself at

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