An Inside Peek into the heart of Photographer -Nick Arambula

As a former President of the Bay Area Artist Association one of my deepest purposes is to encourage & support artists, musicians, singers, dancers, painters, actors, From the early age of eight, I was constantly organizing & my brothers and cousins to perform at almost every family get together, my family can vouch for this. So Encouraging, coordinating and choreographing the entire performance has been one of my god given talents. And so I have decided today that I am starting a new category, on my blog of interviewing selected artist’s to encourage, inspire & motivate you to create! 

Photographer Nicholas Arambula“Into the Heart of the Artist”

I am beyond excited to introduce you to one of my three beautiful children, Nicholas Paul Arambula. A 24 year old handsome young man that is filled with creativity from head to toe! Weather he is painting, playing piano or taking picture as he travels the world, you can be sure he puts his heart and soul into everything he creates!  He is the first one that I interviewed and so I give to you the inside scoop of how he thinks and feels about art.

We are adding him to my website and if you would like to purchase any of his New Releases art please visit our Gallery or contact us directly. (408) 370-7278 You can see more of his works on his FB page:

 Into the heart of the Artist Nicholas Arambula

What do you enjoy most about being an artist?

Art is an expression of you and it is nice to show people and inspire people to create for themselves and to share the beauty in things and the quality in things.

What is it that inspires you to create your art? Or How & where do you find your inspiration? Growing up in a family of artist’s I really noticed the little things. It could be anything from a person’s smile to an old piece of drift wood on the beach. Esthetics are all around us and each piece that I create is a piece of me.

When did you first realize that you were an artist, photographer, musician, actor, videographer….?

In the third grade I made a combination desk tool holder for your pencil, pen eraser and a little and I combined it into one little thing. The teacher didn’t like it  but everyone else did and I knew then that I was an artist.

Do you still have it? No my teacher made me take it apart.

What artist’s inspire you the most & why? Leonardo Davinci, because he wasn’t confined by one art from he was truly a creator and worked on a lot of media, he saw this aspect of being an artist, he saw the essence of helping people and inspiring people and this what I love most about being an artist and Davinci did this from science to art

What is your purpose for creating your art?

One of my major inspirations of creating art is not so much the struggle of people but when I see people in despair or I see the drugging of children, it motivates me to create art

What do you hope to accomplish with your art?

I am in the photography mode right now and when I take a picture I am not just I capture the emotion that I see at the time and what I want to accomplish in that is not…. Oh I want to put this in my living room but rather feel the emotion from that, cuz I think that when someone can experience that they can be more aware of themselves or be inspired to create! Because if you look at the environment art is what creates the world. There is art in architecture, hair cuts, vehicles there is art in everything and if I can get someone to realize and see the beauty then I have done my job.

Do you have any upcoming shows or exhibitions planned?

Right now I am releasing pieces from recent trip to Europe Trip onClick here to see: Nick Arambula photographs on his FB page

Where can people find you and your art?

Heartworks Gallery 428 East Campbell Avenue Historic Downtown Campbell Califonia (408) 370-7278

What does it mean to you to be involved with a family of artists that actually make a living creating and selling art while helping to contribute to making a better world through projects like Artist’s for Human Rights?

Well everyone in the world is looking for their purpose in life the reason they are hear, for me knowing with certainty knowing that I am creating a safe and better environment for the world while expressing myself and doing what I love.

Share a short story about one of your most memorable art shows, art projects that inspires you still today?

Arambula Family of ARTISTS
Arambula Family of Artists!

How has your family inspired you to be an artist?

I can remember when I was a kid waking down the hall way to my room and every week seeing the my paints and seeing more and more art on the walls and being in an environment like that you learn that it is ok to create. How could you not want to create when you see all the esthetics around you. That in itself has made me more confident and most definitely a happier one.Click here to see: Nick Arambula photographe on his FB page

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