Our Daughter a Gift of Love Butterfly Dreams

Katies's Dream
Katie’s Dream by Debbie Marie Arambula

‘Katie’s Dream’ by Debbie Marie Arambula

For me painting butterflies taps into an energy, so young full of life, hope and Joy.

Butterflies represent new life, a rebirth a renewal.

As a young women growing up with 3 brothers, I often dreamt of having a little girl to have & hold. In fact when I was 14 I made her a pink & yellow blanket, knowing that she would come to me someday.

After giving birth to our most amazing boys, I still held onto the possibility of having a little girl and on the day that I delivered her I was overwhelmed with pure joy! Katie is an adult now, she brings me more joy then I ever imagined!

When a child looks at one of my butterfly’s they instantly feel connected. Some how the magic that a butterfly portrays can rub off on us. We are spiritual beings, we are magical and we can do, be or have anything. It just takes you believing and then knowing that you can and you will! I dedicate all my butterflies to my Katie Pie.

With fingers, brushes Sculptural Gel & Metallic Glazing; I mix custom combinations of over 25 colors. This vibrant energetic soaring butterfly inspired by my recent trip to Italy is created to uplift & inspire positive energy.

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