“Abundance” Inspired from the Heart

As artists we live our lives on the edge of believing enough in our own unique expression at the same time feeling that it is Soooo vitally important to share with you and or songs, our visions, our dreams. And as always we hope that you will experience a shift in emotion, a new kind of inspiration and or an uplifting in spirit!

My life’s work is built around a type of unconditional love that I nakedly give you with every inch of my heart and soul. And with integrity I confidently know that some person somewhere will hear my message and understand all that goes into these deep expressions of colorful painted emotion and passionate brush stokes filled with vitality and positive energy.

To constantly rise above the noise in this universe &  the turmoil in the world, while keeping an imagination and still create magic through paints, canvas, dance, music and any form of art that truly communicates to our soul’s inspirations is a miracle on this planet!

We are the bringers of light, the whispers of hope, the shoulder tappers of inspiration.  We are the ones that fuel the fire for imaginations, the givers of beauty…. Honestly, I believe we are all artists in some way or another and truth be told we all have it in us to create any magic that we want give the right tools.

My new Series “Abundance” is a series of colorful paintings, is my gift to you. We have in us the power to our own happiness our own joy….This is my way of saying I will not agree that the “sky is falling”. I do agree that we as individuals creating an abundance of love around me, my friends. The truth is that I believe abundance is only one thought away. And somewhere in between the middle of your shoulders (your heart not your head) is the voice to “Create” “ LIVE” “EMBRACE” “ENJOY” “LOVE” and that my friend are the heart and soul of abundance!

My love to you always,

Debbie Marie Arambula

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Share your thoughts on what abundance means to you?????

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