Embracing Your Love Story

Its funny how every year Valentines Day it is brought to my attention as though it is a new fantastic way for me to market my heart art paintings. I never view it like that because for me I celebrate love stories through my art every day of the year.

Inspiration comes to us in many forms; perhaps a song you hear, a movie you see, a whimsical river in the morning light, an older couple holding hands, a young couple kissing, a Tuscan sunset in your very own backyard, two doves sitting on a fence sharing a conversation like a having a cup of coffee with a friend.

As an artist my life’s work is based on what I see, hear and most importantly what I feel.  It is how my heart and soul connect to the people and environment that surrounds me and how my emotions tap into my imagination and how my imagination stimulates my artistic creativity.  What inspires me most are the people I love, meet and share in conversation with! And having an opportunity to honor your love stories through my black and white heart art paintings is just about the best gift of love I could ever give.

Embrace your love story through a custom heart art painting by the girl with the big heart!

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