Colorful Paintings that Inspire the Heart and Soul

I have the BEST Art Collectors in the world!

Inspiration comes to us in many forms; perhaps a song you hear, a movie you see, a whimsical river in the morning light, an older couple holding hands, a young couple kissing, a Tuscan sunset in your very own backyard, two doves sitting on a fence sharing a conversation Bird sitting on a wire like a group of friends having a morning gather.

As an painter of love & life my artistic inspiration is based on what I see, hear and feel and how my emotions tap into my imagination and how my imagination stimulates my artistic creativity.  What inspires me most are the people I love, meet and share in conversation with!  Enjoy this video of a few of my customers sharing what art does for them and how it inspires more love, more hope, more peace and more JOY!

We live in a world full of possibilities, it is all in how we look at it. For me as an artist my job to bring to view an opening in the heart and enlighten inspiration within, to reach for the abundance & Happiness in life.



Painter of Love & Life

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