Discovery of the New Home of The Heart Artist!

By now I am sure you have heard the good news, our gallery is EXPANDING!

It is a funny thing about life, you either expand or you contract, you create or you destroy… it is one of those simple concepts about life that is pretty much black and white.  And I have decided to EXPAND!

Recently frustrated about the worlds troubles, feeling a bit fed up and realizing in the same moment that in order to achieve my goals and believe me they are BIG, BRIGHT and FULL of LIFE type goals, I really needed to find tools to change, grow and expand, although very successful for over 14 years I have run into walls and barriers that artists with my experience run into and never seem to rise above. Historically artist give up or go get a job or die in the attempt. Not ME I SAY! Well I found a few “Life Improvement” courses that changed my life forever and opened up the ceiling of success that I had hit my head against for the past 6 years. These courses are changing the way I do business and are re-directly, rekindling, re-focusing my energy on every thing that is vitally important in my life: my family, my friends & the love energy I need to spread throughout the world !

I am here to inspire more love and with every inch of my soul I am here to give my heart to the world. And while a good portion of the world lives in fear it makes it some what challenging to earn a living as a full heart artist. Never the less my trusty hubby, photographer and I have worked 7 days a week for years on end to bring more beauty to the world while encouraging our off spring to share their voices of inspiration through their art. And so we are excited & some times weary to bring them along this road that is not so easy as it looks.

While being an artist is the most beautiful exciting game that I could ever create and while it is the most rewarding experience that I could ever share with the world, it is not this romantic idealistic life style of fame and fortune. Think about it… You are bearing your inner soul to the public all the time, wether a painter, singer, sculpture, photographer, dancer, actor…. you are honestly BEARING YOUR NAKED soul in every piece you create!

On top of that when you create art and show it to others you also get their ideas about it, good or bad. In the beginning an artist has to develop the skin of an alligator just to get through the first year of his or her career. And that is not even mentioning the ability to MARKETING AND SELL their art… That takes a whole other set of talent, any way I am getting that is another blog post all together….

Over the past 14 years I have met the most amazing collectors, artist’s, and business associates and each one has touched my life forever. But the other day I met an artist that would change the way I see myself forever. And I will share the whole story with you in another blog post. But my point is this, despite all I have continued to expand for 14 years and despite all, you are still with me supporting me and encouraging me along the way. I could never have gotten to this point in my career if it weren’t for people like you and my wonderful family believing in me all along the way. I love you, I adore you and I can not wait for you to see the NEW HOME of the Heart Artist- me- Debbie Marie Arambula.

Please Save the Date for our GRAND OPENING of Heartworks Fine Art Gallery, New Home of the Heart Artist, Debbie Marie Arambula, October 7th 2011 at 428 East Campbell Avenue in Historic Downtown Campbell California. RSVP: (408) 370-7278

By the way, because of you we won “Best Art Gallery of Silicon Valley 2011”

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