Revitalize, Renew, Refresh and Rekindle

'Inspiration' ~ Collage Series by Debbie Marie

It’s Sunday and I am sitting in an adorable cozy coffee house in McMinnville, Oregon.

This is my first Sunday off, in I don’t know how long. Yesterday,  my cousin Annie (honestly she is more a sister then a cousin) & I  drove up the long and winding HWY 5 and with breath taking views of open green fields, white puffy clouds, swaying tall trees, while listening to a ton of great music, sprinkled with a bit of good conversation and lots of wonderful quite time. Together we excitedly embraced the unpredictability of  in road trip adventure.  And may we never be the same!

Like the messages throughout the movie Eat, Pray, and turning the age of 50 I believe that you either embrace life & create it or you succumb to it’s tossing and turnings.  On a deep spiritual journey since the day I was born I always have felt that we are the masters of our universe and that life must be sprinkled with special journeys of  revitalize, renew, refresh. And so Annie and I are are taking a moment out of life for ourselves and for each other.

Funny how we never have taken a trip alone. Between the high level of responsibilities of raising children, the adventures of married life and two girls that were trained from an early age to make their way in the world by being very hard working self employed owners, we just haven’t allowed enough breathing in life for girl time.

Yeah I know and here I sit writing to you, but this is not work, and never is. I love being connected to you, sharing my thoughts, my adventures and hope to inspire you always!

I am excited for whats to come and whats to be transformed in the next few days and I am here to remind anyone that needs reminding that taking even 24 hours out for oneself is revitalizing and refreshing.

I feel inspired to paint barns & blue skies, who knows what will happen by the end of this trip?

Enjoy life and appreciate the ones you love!



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