Mother’s Day, My favorite Memory with Our Kids

All Our Kids!

One of my fondest memories is each Saturday & Sunday morning, all five of us Steve, Dan, Nick , Katie and I would cuddle in one bed, watching cartoons, eating toast in bed and kiss and hug.

OMG! Steve and I still talk about this. We  LOVE and cherish these  memories! We often fantasize about how we wish we could kidnap all three of the adult children and their significant others,  into a remote area, in one giant cabin, with one huge bed and have a Saturday or Sunday “Cuddle time”. Yeah, I know right? I can hear their voices now, “Mom you are just a Hippie”, but honestly, is it so weird to love your adult children even more as years pass?

Right now I am in a hotel room in Concord sipping my delicious coffee and all I can think about is how I can;t wait to see them all together again in one room, even for one hour. Although I talk to my kids several times a week, it’s just not the same as being together in under one roof.

Our amazingly talented sweet daughter Katie lives in LA, our handsome, charming a calm son Nick lives temporarily in Delaware and our bighearted loving son Daniel lives in San Jose… And here I am in a hotel in Concord sipping coffee and all I can think about is how much I miss and adore them.

As a young mother of 23 I didn’t always know the right thing to do but one thing is for sure, I would do anything for my kids. Mom’s are amazing. We instinctively breathe an energy into life that creates longevity for the human race. Thank God for MOM’s right?

Some people have asked me, “How do you have such a good relationship with your kids?” I believe it is because from the very first time I set eyes on them, I knew that they are people too, I never thought that they were “babies”, but rather, spiritual beings that knew what they knew. And that they have their own minds, they are their own soul and they have the right to decide what they believe is true for them. I have always tried to have open communication and honesty in each relationship. And I always tried to nurture the best of their individual gifts and talents.

Honestly, from a very early age, I have believed that each was an artist in some way or another.  Funny that I saw this in my own children before I even recognized it in myself. I literally saved certain pieces of their art from a very early age.

I believe children should be loved and helped in every way. I adore them… If given an opportunity, I would have had at least five kids. But over the years, with all of my children’s close friends, I honestly feel that I do have at least 5 more and I love them like my own. Mateo, Heather, Kristen, Adel &  my newest addition Amanda.

This week I am excited to honor my  3 children, Nick, Katie and Dan. I will be doing interviews with each one to share with you their individual talents and beauty. I am going to introduce Nick first and will be releasing for the first time his beautiful photography.

Happy Mother’s Day to all!

Here is one of my most favorite videos from ‘The Way to Happiness‘, “LOVE AND HELP CHILDREN”.

Leave a comment below and share your story about how children

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