How You Inspire My Heart Art Paintings, Let Me Count The Ways…

'Sweet Inspiration' red rainbow Heart Art

How you inspire my heart art paintings, let me count the ways…

Over the years I have received so many wonderful comments, love notes, Thank you Cards, personal letters, pictures, stories…

While I am so thrilled that my art has touched literally 1000’s of people of all ages, I find that it never seems to amaze me the gifts that you give me everyday.

It is because of my customers that I am still here, still flowing love out to a world that sometimes shuts the door on love, crushes inspiration, defeats dreams, diminishes power…The world can be a rough place for an artist, especially one that nakedly and openly puts her heart out so freely. I Want To THANK YOU from the bottom of my heart for being there by my side every step of the way. I feel you and know that you care about me.

Here are what some have to said about my art and what it does for them;

“I wake up every morning to my heart portrait and am reminded daily of all that is beautiful in my life, including your incredible skill of capturing all the love and happiness in one’s life in your art. May the world be your canvas and your canvas be the world.” CM

“Whimsical Note of Love My reason: it was the first thought that came to mind. In the midst of the heart there is a subdue musical note being danced around by tiny little hearts. Its a light hearted, rejoice-full, full of love, love “note”.  D

“Thank you for designing this heart and giving it the name you have given it. It truly has touched me. I look forward to receiving it.” SU

“I love your heart portraits and I truly wish before these midterm elections here in the United States that there was much more focus on love in our daily lives and less focus on politics and tremendous stress.” MS

“I met you last summer in Lake Tahoe and bought a couple of pics for my daughters and a beautiful purple heart pic for the Loma Linda Heart Institute where my son had a heart transplant- remember? Anyway, to let you know that we delivered it a couple of weeks ago when my son had his annual heart biopsy and they loved it. Thanks you for your work. Sincerely, K”

“I just got off the phone with you. I am the girl that is amazingly touched by your “heart”work (I know, a bad pun, but true) and wants to jump inside your paintings and live there! Thank you for hearing me and taking the time to speak with me.” J

I do remember you and your amazing artwork. While I have a deep appreciation for all art, yours really stood out at the Festival. I’m glad to hear you are busy pursuing your passion.

“I have truly enjoyed the piece I picked up; it lends much needed color and character to the living room where I framed it and it now ‘resides’. Its a great conversation piece, but more importantly reminds my girlfriend and I of each other and we love it.
Glad to be on your mailing list. I enjoyed the story behind “Beyond the Boundaries”. Happy belated birthday and congrats on all the very special milestones (birthdays, anniversary) you and Steve have coming up. Keep sharing your talent and inspiration,” B

Any how we all have our muses, I have many… I remember one time I went to a Art Museum in Chicago and unexpectedly walked into a a huge room where Monet water lily painting blurted out from now where, I stood there and cried uncontrollably. The power of art and love always amazing me!

Please Share an experience you have had with art and how it makes you feel.

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One thought on “How You Inspire My Heart Art Paintings, Let Me Count The Ways…

  1. Debbie,

    Hello. Just thought I’d drop you a note to say I looked at your website. Your art is beautiful and aesthetic – very powerful.

    It was nice speaking to you today and you touched me with your obvious love of life, turning what would have otherwise been a dull afternoon into something

    Keep it going and continue touching people through your art and in person.

    L, Nate


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