Have Your Cake and Eat it Too! This Weeks Winner of ‘Believe’

‘Having your Cake and Eating Too’ is all about feeding your soul, giving a gift to you that inspires, while giving you a life-energy that allows you to continue to inspire others at the same time. As women, we give ourselves wholeheartedly to everything we do. My God, we are the birthing vessel for every man, woman and child on this planet!

‘Believe’ was born out of pure, unconditional love. No agenda, other than to give it to the world as a message of pure, positive, thought-energy, and no matter what your situation, no matter what you are going through right now, this piece is full of pure uplifting love, the kind of love that holds you gently when you cannot hold yourself, the kind that whispers Believe despite the fact that you cannot, the kind that shines a new light of hope and somehow, in it’s simple pureness, it all seems to whisper a fearless calmness that everything will all be alright.

“Have Your Cake and Eat it Too Limited Time Offer Link Below”

I truly believe, as a culture, this is our time to stand up and Believe. I am more inspired to share with you my inner world, on a deeper level, than ever before. The world needs artists like me, with pure positive thoughts and dreams, to permeate society, more than ever! I see all too often the voice of hope falling away, every night as the News airs its negativity. Some newspapers make it all look dismal . . . announcing mostly all the turmoil. Hardly any good news can seep through.

So my heart art stands on its soapbox, loud and clear, and shouts out positive concepts like ‘Believe’!

So, will you help me share this love with the world? Will you help me help women all over the Nation, the World? Women create our future. Without a woman’s touch, the culture dies in more ways than one. We are the cause of the thoughts we Believe, and we have the power to change any condition in our lives. And we have the capacity to inspire everyone we meet.

My message is simple and clear, I hide behind no lies. I am here to bring more light to the world, more love, more peace, and with every inch of my soul, I bear these gifts to you, not because it is easy to be an artist, God no! But rather, as a voice of pure LOVE, that shines through my art and radiates energy in every brushstroke.

The naked truth is, no matter what the cause or situation in our lives, we are the ones who find the solutions, the cures and together, we fix the problem.

This is more than buying a piece of art; it’s all about the gift that it will in turn give to you and the future of our race! Help me to help you and to help Susan G. Komen for the Cure. Together we make a change in the World. Spread the love light with me.

Hope you enjoy the FREE Surprise Gifts that I am throwing in just because!

You can read all about it in the link below.

Click here to: “Have Your Cake and Eat it Too Limited Time Offer”

4 thoughts on “Have Your Cake and Eat it Too! This Weeks Winner of ‘Believe’

  1. Debbie –

    Last Tuesday, before I took off for my yearly mammogram I remembered that I had some of your pamphlets from the last time that I had seen you, so I grabbed them on my way out the door.

    While the tech was performing my ‘tests’, I was telling her about how you had been chosen by the Susan G. Komen Foundation and about “Believe”. She was thoroughly impressed and I left several of the pamphlets with her to keep and to share with her co-workers.

    I hope that everyone will not only remember their yearly tests, but to also mention “Believe” and Debbie Marie, while you are there!


    1. OMG Sweetness you are so amazing! Thank you so much for spreading the love with me. I have not forgotten about you. I am working with SGK on some upcoming events and we did a show this past weekend and I am I have been getting the press releases out on ‘Believe’
      No spare time to work on all the copy for the Peace Love campaign.. I feel like this adventure with SGK is the beginning phase and I am working on coming to LA in a week and will have time to type while Steve drives. I am going to be the featured artist at a private celebrity fundraiser for http://www.fightforkids.org.
      OMG I need a clone!
      This is very exciting to say the least.
      Will send you a private email about my mission statement tonight.
      We are driving to Santa Rosa, the house that I really really really really Love & want is being auctioned in the morning and even though I can not purchase it right now, I need to be there.


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