Double Your Chances to Win! ‘Believe’ Bonus Offer Survey

Side view of beautiful "Believe"First of all, we want to thank you from the bottom of our hearts! Many of you took advantage of the 48 Hour Exclusive Offer in support of this cause. Because you are one of the first 100 people to be involved in this art release, I know it has been bit bumpy. You are instrumental in working out all the bugs with this campaign.  Thank you again!

It is with of your opinions & ideas, your comments and your emails that we are  improving this campaign every step of the way. This is totally a new adventure and we have never done anything like this before!

We truly want everyone to win! And at the end of all this, we will create a fantastically fun, fund-raising campaign, that can  be used to support & inspire Survivors and Susan G. Komen for the Cure, Nationwide!

This Sunday, we are having our second art drawing. By filling out the survey below, you will be doubly added to this Sunday’s Drawing! If you are new to this campaign and this blog doesn’t make any sense to you, visit the home page of my website and sign up now for next week’s drawing.


Thank you for sticking by my side in this Epic Art Unveiling journey. It means more to me than you might imagine. Although you can’t see me now, I am still in my jammies, with 2 cups of coffee and a piece of toast in my belly and now it’s way past lunchtime.

For the past 4 weeks, since before the Epic Unveiling, Steve and I have been waking up at God-awful early hours, traveling from Campbell to LA to Santa Rosa, back and forth, going to bed with the laptop at my knees, in order to create the best experience for you in this journey. Learning curves beyond belief, behind the scenes mountains to climb, higher than I have ever climbed. . . Together, throughout this journey, whether perfect or not, my purpose remains pure & true!  To offer you a visually magical piece of art with an uplifting message to your heart that fuels your passions, energizes your goals and reminds you to believe in your dreams without a doubt.  This is the kind of positive, thought energy that makes good things happen and from this is kind of ju-ju, ‘Believe’ was born!

P.S. Thanks again and good luck in this Sunday’s Free Art Drawing!


Debbie and Steve

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