Welcome to the Journey I Call “The Calling”

Ever since I was a little girl, I have dreamed of a real world full of love, caring for one another, assisting one anothe,r in trials and tribulations. Yep, honestly, I used to lie in bed imagining what I could do to make a better world. I knew at a young age if I didn’t do anything, we could lose not only our planet, but mankind’s integrity. Old soul I guess. But honestly, I just could never stop thinking about what I could do to inspire more love, peace, joy and beauty in the world. I always believed that somehow, someway, I could make a difference.

Want to see this Exclusive, Rare, Video footage of me painting 'Believe'? Click the picture above to Join me in a fight for the Cure!

I guess there are those of us, some might call Angels that have the calling at a very young age to inspire the good juju that life is made of. As an artist, this has been my calling, and in this journey, there are callings within the calling. You know that kind I am talking about, like you’re walking down a road and signs keep showing up day after day and then one day it hits you!

A few months ago, around my best friend’s birthday, I found myself profoundly frustrated. It had been years since I felt this sadness. It was a simple case of, I missed her, wanted to see her, have coffee with her; you know the feeling. You’ve lost the person and as time goes on, you deal with it.  Although spiritually alert and awake to the journey my heart embarks on, in this moment, I was a bit frustrated about this tapping on my heart.

Then a few days later, I got the news about another dear friend engulfed by the disease, and even in this moment, as I write to you now, my intention is not to focus on the negativity, but rather the joy in the journey of healing, the unexpected gifts that they bring to the heart and the soul. And every song playing on the radio, right now, totally aligns with my message to share with you. Angel or not, you are here and I am here, and together, we create in a sisterhood of support.

Let’s face it. Breast Cancer is not a pretty subject! Actually, up until now, I really couldn’t even say the words, and for 8 years since losing my soul sister, I had grown to despise them. FRUSTRATING!

And like some mysterious evil force lurking in the corners of our minds, fear opens the door and invites our thoughts to sadness and decay. And in the darkness we find life jackets of hope & faith, the journey we embrace moves us through, either to enlightenment or darkness.

Here's how it all began!
Here's how it all began!

As the months went by, ‘The Calling’ unfolded itself like a rose, gently opening up is petals, with a few pricks of the thorns. I became a magnet for messages about women supporting breast cancer awareness, associates being diagnosed, and it tapped on my heart for 2 months until I could no longer ignore the calling.

Debbie Marie with the sketch & beginning of "Believe" in her studio.And then it hit me, like an arrow straight to my heart. I opened Facebook at an hour that I would never usually open it up, and I was profoundly led to visit a friend’s page, and OMG! There was Erin’s sweet face. I sat crying in sadness & joy, all mixed into one, as my heart flared with deep purpose & passion. ‘The Calling’ was yelling to me like a huge megaphone to my heart. This was the day that my best friend had passed, 8 years ago. And I asked myself, how could it be 8 years had passed?  And instantaneously, ‘The Calling’ became as clear as a bright new day. It was time for me to paint a piece celebrating her life and to transform the struggle that every woman goes through with Breast Cancer, into a piece of art painted especially for survivors, as my way of saying, you are not alone and we are here to support you.

And like a train that is headed in one direction, everything started aligning magically to this deep purpose and passion.  The very next day, my daughter Katie called me, telling me about a cool event where we could show our art and use it to inspire people in a race. It happened to be the Susan G. Komen Race for the Cure Los Angeles County and my lovely daughter knew that this would be my cup of tea.

And as I started creating this new heart, sketching it out, giving it deep thought, all the signs of inspiration led me to imbue it with healing life-energy, a kind of joyful knowingness, a new light to a very dark subject. I found my way to total healing that I could share with the world in unconditional love.

With each brushstroke and every aspect of creating this painting, all the signs called me to bring a new type of joy; a pure light of truth, that it all starts with you and whatever your situation. and whatever your barriers in life, it all starts with ‘Believe’! In each step of this journey, you were with me every step of the way, and even in this moment when I speak to you now, I reached my heart arms out to hold you and together, we stand side-by-side and together we ‘Believe’.

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I honestly read everyone of them, it means so much to me to hear from you!

‘Believe’ is for you the Giver, you the Survivor & together, we all win!



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11 thoughts on “Welcome to the Journey I Call “The Calling”

  1. I love your place! My mind just drifted away and I saw myself as a young little girl walking through your gallery in awe. All the beauty, charm and mistery one can dream of is in there, through those doors. Thank you for sharing it with us. Beautiful art.


  2. Deb –

    Great work ~ as always! I’d love to see more of you doing the actual painting, but I’m sure that will probably be forthcoming.

    There are some “dark spots” in the video, but I’m sure you’ll take care of that!

    You are such an inspiration! Not only for breast cancer awareness, but your entire outlook on life and the world.

    Do you recall that e-mail that I sent to that certain “family” in order to bring wider attention to you and your message to the world through your art? I have wanted to send a follow-up message to them for some time. However now, I am afraid you may have too much on your plate?

    God Bless you Deb ~


    1. Hi Deb,
      You are a true inspiration to everyone! I would love to see more of you painting “Believe” instead of all of the intro. Those of us who do not have the “creative gene” are mesmerized by the creativity coming from within you.

      Please keep doing what you do!


  3. Deb –

    As my original e-mail to “the family” was done just prior to Christmas last year, I told you then I was afraid that it may get lost in with all of the holiday greetings.

    Now, with the national attention brought on by your fabulous new campaign with the Susan B. Komen Foundation, I will try another e-mail to “her”. I am hoping this will grab “her” attention to your work, as it effects women worldwide.

    It is my hope that this may bring their attention to the message(s) that you wish to spread around the world via your pieces of art.

    Your own heart is reflected in every brushstroke ~


    1. Hi Sweetness,
      I am so excited about this exciting adventure!!! I would love this for you to do this. I will have Steve send you what you need. But honestly if I space out will you remind me in a week?
      Love You,


      1. Deb –

        I will look for the e-mail from Steve. But, as I told you before, I am concerned about you! You tend to “take on the world” without a thought about your own health or welfare. I know you, and you will run yourself ragged trying to do everything, for everyone.

        Please give yourself a break, of both mind and body. I know you won’t take the time to go to a spa right now, even though you need it! So tonight, here is what I want you to do:

        Turn off all the telephones. Turn off the lights. Go into your bathroom and light all of your best candles. Pour yourself a great glass of wine. Fill your bathtub with your favorite bubblebath, all the way to the top! Put on some soothing music and slip into the warmth of that bubblebath.

        Now, here is the difficult part. Stay there for at least 2 hours! Releasing some of the cooling water and replacing it, as needed. Just lay there and RELAX! Let your mind drift away from the rigors of the weighty tasks you have taken on.

        I want you to do this, at least once a week. If you have a bathtub large enough for 2? 🙂 I am even going to send you some of the “special” candles that I send to my jewelry clients! I’m certain that you’ll love them!

        Love to you all –


      2. Yes Glasses of Wine and Bubble Baths would be perfect! THANK YOU FOR YOUR LOVING CARING CONCERNS. You know me all too well, now don’t give out my secrets of how much I love helping the world! We are at my cousin Annie’s right now in Santa Rosa working all the details out of the Believe art Release and despite the rain and the bad news of the world we are enjoying wine and having some good laughs too! Yes, a job with paid vacations, 401 k’s, medical insurance, dental…. are unfortunately not what this society see as important support items for artist like us. Despite all I am dedicated and passionate about spreading more love, light and peace in this world. 1000’s have testified that my art makes them feel happy.

        What I really need is a passionate Medici’ type patron that discovers the value in what I am doing as an the “Heartist” and then sponsor our “Spreading the Love” Peace love Believe Campaign. This would be fantastico…. All we need is gas efficient RV (The View) and a little Capital and we can take this Amazing Campaign that I designed to inspire kids of all ages thru art to spread more peace love in their own daily lives, while inspiring and supporting survivors with Believe (two campaigns) two purposes one quest, more love, more peace, more beauty… Oh Patron where are you….


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