First of all,

I want to say thank you! I know that we all have busy lives and with all of the World’s torment, my sole purpose & passion are to spread more PEACE & LOVE.  I think the World needs it, more now than ever! And I am seriously dedicated to this calling!

Without further delay….DRUM ROLL PLEASE . . . Your Heart Artist has been invited by the Executive Director of Susan G. Komen for the Cure Los Angeles County, Debbie Anthony and Matthew Hourihan, Operations Coordinator, to partner with them, using my newest art, ‘Believe’, as a voice of inspiration and support for survivors and supporters; joining forces with them in their mission “A world without Breast Cancer”.

(Right to left) Jerri Johnson, Debbie Marie, Matthew Hourihan, Debbie Anthony & Samanth Ortiz

“I am really thrilled & inspired to be a part of something so beautiful. Art has always had a special place in my life, and to be able to combine the beauty of Debbie artwork with my passion for breast cancer awareness is dream come true!”, says Matthew Hourihan Operations Coordinator



Right now, as we speak we are officially launching the “Spread the Love, Believe Campaign” to tens of 1000’s of men and women all over the world!  By next week, Believe will have been officially announced to the world, dedicated to Breast Cancer Survivors, as a symbol representing more than just hope or faith, “Believe is where it all begins!” D.M. Arambula

So, stay tuned on Sunday we will announce the “Believe Art Winners” along with a rare video footage, called “The Calling” of me painting ‘Believe’ in my private art studio.

For now, Hope you like the news.




Debbie Marie Arambula

Your Heart Artist

Want to join the fun?

Click Here: Enter for your chance to

Win a piece of Debbie’s Contemporary heart art Believe

19 thoughts on “Heart Artist Spreading the LOVE EPIC ANNOUNCEMENT REVEALED!

    1. Thank you Karen! I am excited beyond anything! Can not wait to really show you how beautiful it is. All the previous videos do not show it off at all! But soon we will really show it off!
      Did you know that it has real Swarovski Crystals on it?


  1. Debbie, The foundation could not have choosen a more appropriate artist to represent their campaign. Your pieces bring so much love, light and hope to anyone who views them. It is exactly what anyone facing cancer needs to feel in order to fight the good fight.


  2. All the pieces you create, the happiness you bring into peoples lives ….. you deserve nothing short of amazing in return. You are someone I respect, admire and am proud to know…thank you for that! Knowing you has made my heart happy.
    I need to get down your way within the next couple of weeks and was also hoping to ask you a few things relative to the CCHR and The Marketing of Madness campaign.

    With luv and respect,



  3. I love the title _ Spread the Love & Believe! Debbie you are with me everyday, as I make my bed and see my lovely heart painting over my bed, it makes me feel special. Sometimes I study it and see new strokes I didn’t see before…..thank you, blessings to you…..


  4. Debbie –

    Kudos on your latest monumental experience ~ ‘Believe’!

    My Mom survived breast cancer, so this is a cause that is definitely “close to my heart”! She was cancer free for nearly 20 years.

    My prayers are with you and your family, as always! And PLEASE, let me know the next time you’re planning on being in the San Diego area! 🙂


  5. Debbie,

    Believe…that’s what you helped me do a couple of years ago when I commissioned a Heart Portrait from you. I shared with you then about all my medical “bumps in the road” that I have faced…2 kidney transplants, open heart surgery, plus numerous other surgeries. I had closed my heart off to love as I had also dealt with a sad bitter divorce. Then one day I was walking through downtown Campbell and saw your gallery window front. I fell in love with the colors and of course your hearts. Three years later I called you after finding your website and scheduled a meeting…I then shared with you how I had closed my heart off to finding love. You found a way to convey that there is room in my heart for love in the beautiful Heart Portrait hanging in my new bedroom that I now share with my boyfriend. Yes, you helped me learn to BELIEVE. My heart opened up and love came my way. The same is true for all that I had faced medically and yes, just had my 24th surgery two weeks ago. I BELIEVE anything is possible…but the important thing is to BELIEVE in the outcome you want.

    Thank you from the bottom of my heart,
    Patti Childress


    1. Patti,
      YOu are AMAZing! Thank you so much for sharing this story with me and those that will have the opportunity to read your success Story. I am beyond happy that you found love and that you are also enjoying your heart art. I loved painting it for you and glad that its magic opened your heart. This part of the story made me cry with joy.

      Thank you for being in my life and opening your heart to me and my art. What lucky boyfriend friend you have, to have so much life force in you to fight all the odds and continue to Believe is astoundingly profound.



  6. Debbie,
    This is such AMAZING news!
    Congratulations to you and for all that you do to spread the LOVE!
    From one heart lover to the next….I am always in AWH of your work and I LOVE….BELIEVE!
    You Rock!
    Tracy Katzer
    Los Angeles, CA


  7. Debbie,

    That is so cool! It was great seeing you and Steve today as well. I am all for your cause and I hope we can collaborate on something that will really push this message of LOVE into the lives of those around us and from afar.

    Love is the guiding force of life and I support you!


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