Debbie Introduces Large Premium Fine Art Prints in La Jolla, California

We LOVE La Jolla California, who doesn’t right? SO BEAUTIFUL! We were here doing a little showing of our works and realized that every time people see these new Ridiculously Affordable High Quality Premium Fine Art Prints of our works of art they LOVE them and then buy them almost instantly.

I think it’s a visual thang! When you see these up close believe me when I say they are well worth the $259.00!

So we decided to re-releasing them with this new video.

These are Poster Size, not poster quality fine art prints. Through a series of surveys we discovered that our customers wanted large affordable high quality fine art for their homes and offices and because we love our customers we found a perfect solution.

Having art in our gallery makes it a very cool place to work, but I would rather it be up on your walls, above your bed, fireplace, living room or in your office inspiring you daily. Now that would be doing my job, Spreading the Love for sure!

Enter the Drawing to Win, Win, Win!: Watch the video and Leave a comment below, let me know what you think about these large pieces; if they answer your decorating needs and wants or share another suggestion of what you really need and want from me to help you bring my happy art into your home. When you Leave a comment below , you will instantly be entered in a drawing to win a FREE  16 x 20 of your choice of either my art or Steve’s photography, shipping is included ! The drawing will take place  on March 15th! If you like my blog site please click the “Subscribe” button and you will automatically be notified of the winner Blog post. If Blogs are like a foreign language to you, call me I am here to help you (408) 370-7278.



5 thoughts on “Debbie Introduces Large Premium Fine Art Prints in La Jolla, California

  1. I picked up my Perfect Balance and it is just gorgeous! It is the perfect size for over a mantle, above a bed or on a large blank wall. I love it and can’t wait to get it hung!!



  2. The bigger the better….bring it on! 🙂

    I received my “Burning Love” print in the mail….such a wonderful gift! ….definitely feeling the “love” in MN!


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