Spreading the Love Part One

I am sitting in my art lovely studio, early in this morning, having coffee as my eyes adjust to the beautiful sun shining day, promise is in the air, a quite-like calm permeates my heart, knowing that I am about to embark on art adventures that will undoubtedly change my life forever! Who would have ever thought that a passionate, professional, house-cleaner would ever be sitting in her own whimsical art studio, looking out across an enchanting, tree-lined courtyard to a sign that reads “Debbie Marie Gallery?

Although I know today we have to check the bank balance, pay some bills, reload the van for the 1000th time, pack our suitcases for the millionth time, remember the coffee, the mobile office & it’s stuff, the paint, the easel, and all the things that make a mobile art studio, so that I can paint anywhere, even on the side of the road, my laptop, my dress shoes, my bill folder, my favorite coffee cup… oh yeah, our  favorite pillows… How I dream of having an RV, the kind that will give me the mobility of a life like that of a butterfly spreading love, sprinkling joy and bringing more happiness to a world in need of bright lights of hope.

As a young girl I think my parents didn’t really know what to do with me, always wanting to love the world, bring hope to dismal situations, always thinking of ways to create a better world. As an adult my professional art career has given me a platform of singing my love to the world on a much broader scale through all the 100’s of art shows, events, art donations I give, philanthropic art events I am featured in and the huge number of multimedia TV, newpapers, radio, magazines… blah, blah, blah,  I do every year. And every year, my voice of love grows stronger, more defined, more sparkly. I am totally clear about my job as “The Heart Artist”; where I am going in this quest of spreading more love & peace. I know exactly what I need to create a larger platform, a taller mountain to speak from.

And as I sit here in my “Girl Fort” (art studio) drinking from my favorite coffee cup, listening to the birds sweetly chirp, my heart swells with joyful tears as I look over to my Newest Heart Art that will be the featured heart artwork and will be unveiled for the first time to greet with bountiful inspiration 15,000 men & women fighting for a cure for breast cancer. 15,000 men & women showing support of all those that have lost the battle, 15,000 men and women gathering at Dodger Stadium for the Susan G. KomenRace for the Cure” this weekend March 6th, in Los Angeles, where my art will be the featured heart work, along with our daughter Katie’s art. As mother and daughter, we are using our art to decorate the entire 5 mile race, along with the support of my amazing husband, our favorite photographer & video cameraman in the world, who will be documenting the entire event!

The piece you see on this post is not the new heart art, the New art will not be posted until Sunday Morning. It is dedicated in honor of my “Sunshine” & Soul Sister, Erin Bray Holt, best friend of 35 years, and for Breast Cancer Awareness in the fight for a cure.

Due to the emotions that I feel in my heart and soul at this time, I will hold off on showing you the actual piece and will share the entire story after the unveiling.

I look forward to spreading the love more and more every day. Join me in an Exclusive On line Unveiling and Art Release of ‘BELIEVE’ and a chance to win a free piece of art Click here for details: www.theheartartist.com

Much Love to the world,


Debbie Marie Arambula

Your Heart Artist

4 thoughts on “Spreading the Love Part One

  1. Debbie,
    I loved my tour of your magical studio! I am very excited to see the unveiling of your new piece on March 6th. I will be sitting by with my cup of coffee! Hugs! Heather


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