Does Art Have The Power to Alter YOur MOoD?

Can Art Alter MOoDs?

In a recent search online, Steve & I discovered articles that prove Art has the power to transcend thoughts, uplift environments, enhance moods, change attitudes, improve health and it just makes you feel good!

DOES ART have the power to ALTER YOUR MOOD?

Have you ever noticed when you’re walking around an art show how your emotions waiver from one piece of art to another? Depending on the art, the subject matter of the art, the colors, the emotions, communication and intentions behind the art, it can make you feel one way or another, Right?

And then it hits you, like a whisper to the heart; those one or two pieces that just speak to you. They tap on your heart and make you feel a little jolt of energy, a little more alive and inspired. There is a connection that just speaks to you.

Studies show that Art not only beautifies & uplifts environments, but that it transcends thoughts, enhances moods, changes attitudes, helps people heal and downright just makes us feel happier!

Art feeds our soul and nurtures our hearts!

When we surround ourselves with art that uplifts and inspires, it empowers us to alter the moods of not only ourselves, but also those around us, without even trying.

But does art really make a difference? Try this mini-experiment: Pick one room in your house. Ok, did you do that? Good! Now take all the art off the walls in this room. What does it feel like with and without the art? Now try this in a restaurant, a bank, an office?

With art or without art, there is power to change the entire energy in the room, right?

All of our children are amazing artists, and, over the years, we have collected and maybe even hoarded particular pieces of their art. I remember this one piece of art our son Nick  made he was about 10 years old. There is this amazing energy captured in this painting,  I really can’t put into words. It just makes my heart sing with light-hearted joy. I just had to have it up on my wall in our bedroom, and no matter where we live, it is always with me. Funny how art can become so comforting to the soul.

Those feel-good pieces of art recharge your batteries. They are the ones that communicate to and stand by your side, inspiring good feelings of hope, love, peace, serenity. These are the ones that give you a boost of energy and enhance your attitude in good times and in bad.

I think art is more than investing in a pretty wall. It’s like investing in your positive energy savings account?

I say Splurge on it! Surround yourself and your family with art that can alter any mood!

YOU DESERVE IT & so do your family & friends!

How has art enhanced your home, your mood or made some positive change in your life?

I’d love to hear from you! Share your thoughts, Click “Leave a Comment” below.

****Last but not least, here are the final Naming Contest Winners: “Love Note” and “Healing Heart”****

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