Valentine’s Day is Every Day of The Year!

I am a lot like you, A TOTAL ROMANTIC!

I don’t pretend to know what love is for everyone, but I can tell you what it is for me. Love is looking into each other’s eyes and your heart still melts. Love is sharing your deepest dreams and getting support for all of them. Love is getting excited to go on a date, even if you’ve been together for 35 years. Love is when your best friends tell you to GO FOR IT! Love is when your girlfriend tirelessly listens to your woes in life, for the 20th time! Love is giving your child unconditional love and supporting them in all their adventures for 5o years. Love is for Valentine’s Day and every day of the year!

I so remember when I was a little girl; how important it was to not only receive the little Valentine card in my hand-decorated, artsy shoe box, but more importantly, how it felt to give them out!

Today, I send out my love to you, like little energetic butterfly kisses, surrounding your heart in the tempo of a joyful dance! And for the World, I send out HUGE LOVE HUGS in the tone of jazzy heartbeats of PEACE & LOVE!  WISHING YOU THE DEEPEST, MOST SINCERE, HAPPIEST VALENTINE’S DAY EVER!


Debbie Marie Arambula

The Heart Artist

5 thoughts on “Valentine’s Day is Every Day of The Year!

  1. Debbie, I told you I was not very good at stuff like this! I was curious about the winning titles of the art work you recently displayed. Where do I find the answers? Lori


  2. Hello
    Your message is so simple and so needed in this time of what is going on in this goofy world, loaded with the “bad news” and people not getting along. You are a very special voice. Heather


  3. Hey Debbie,
    Loved the video. Keep spreading that love so that we may all be inspired to do the same and spread that to everyone and everywhere we go in our daily travels.Love, light & hugs,


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