The New Valentine Love Note Doodle Paintings ~Pick Your Favorite Name

Please Join Me in picking  Names for My New Doodle Paintings:

Due to an overwhelming amount of emails that I received in the past 2 days, I wasn’t able to post all the titles on my gallery wall for people to vote, so I decided to invite you to please join me in helping me to name these new baby paintings!

Three Simple Steps:

Step One: Scroll down and pick one  favorite name for each piece

Step Two: Type in the comments section your choices

Step Three: Come back to my Blog on Saturday and I will post all the winners

Painting A
Painting B
Painting C
Painting D
Painting E
Painting F
Painting G
Painting H

ARTWORK (A) Heart Work, Love Note, Awakening, The Rhythm of Love, Hear The Music, Love Song, Music of The Heart, The Love Note, Music of Love, Love Notes, Love Song, Kevin’s Song,

ARTWORK (B) Fly Away With Me, Sunshine, Love Within, Flutter By,Polka Dot Heart, Sky Burst, New Life, Hearts of Love,  Free to Love, Free Spirit,

ARTWORK (C) Happy Dancer, Sitting Heart Of the Bay, Puppy Love, Mirror of My Heart, Pure Heart, Princess, Cutsie Love, I Spill My Heart For You, Effervescent, Patched Heart, Polka Dot Heart

ARTWORK (D) Healing Heart, Patched Heart, Loving the Moment, Sensual Heart, Melting Pot, Love Hurts, Adornment, Loving the Moment.

ARTWORK (E) Burning Love, Mocha Mornings, Devotion, Warmth of Love, Chocolate Comfort, Graceful Heart, Blooming, Falling For You, Violet, Joy, P.S. I Love You

ARTWORK (F) Freedom, Heartbeats, Summer Breeze, Floating Springtime, Joyful, Heartbeats, Spring Breeze, Spring Love

ARTWORK (G)  Tons Of Love,  Let Freedom Ring, Flock Of Love, Midnight Kisses, Doodle My Heart, Romance, Cherished, Scrolling Heart, Tickle My Heart, Missing You

ARTWORK (H) Up Up and Away, Fuzzy Heart, Grapevines, Joyful Heart,Heirloom of Love, Violet, Scrolling Heart

Thank you so much for your help!



35 thoughts on “The New Valentine Love Note Doodle Paintings ~Pick Your Favorite Name

  1. Okay, here are my top picks!
    A – Love Notes
    B – Free Spirit
    C – Puppy Love
    D – Healing Heart
    E – Burning Love
    F – Joyful Heart
    G – Doodle My Heart
    H – Heirloom of Love or just Heirloom

    By the way this if fun!


    1. Hi Cari,
      OK Wow what a week…. In Santa Rosa on Tuesday, Wednesday Wine Walk, Thursday packing van for LA, left for So Cal Friday at 8pm arrived at 2:38 am, Sat got up at 6:38 am and set up an art show in So Cal, last night I had cocktails, TV and sleep! OMG What a whirl wind. Any way thank you so much for posting your favorite names. I will calculate all of them on Valentines Day and post the winning name.


  2. A) Love Notes
    B) Fly Away With Me
    C) Sitting on the Heart of the Bay
    D) Loving in the Moment
    E) Burning Love
    F) Summer Breeze
    G) Midnight Kisses
    H) Up Up and Away (although this would be perfect for G :))
    Good Luck everyone who submitted 🙂


    1. Hi Sweetness,
      I am so so so sad that I will not be in AZ for Tempe this year. Can you believe it? I am excited for you on your new home. I bet you are having so much fun decorating it. Please Give your Mama a big kiss for me.
      Thanks for playing the Naming game with me! I will post the winners on Valentines Day. Happy Valentines Day. xxoxox


      1. Happy Valentine’s to you and Steve!! I hope today and everyday is filled with love, laughs, smiles and happiness!!! 🙂 I woke up to my beautiful sunflower portrait and knew it was going to be a great day!!! 🙂


  3. A – Kevin’s Song
    B – Sky Burst
    C – Sitting Heart of the Bay
    D – Healing Heart
    E –
    F –
    G – Flock of Love
    H – Heirloom of Love


    1. Hi Lynetta,
      Thank you so much for your vote, I love having you all play the game and helping me pick a name! I am the luckiest girl in the world to have customers like you in my life. Thank you 🙂 Deb I will post the winning names on Valentines Day.


    1. Hi Alan,
      Wow you get extra Special Big THANK YOU’S! I am so impressed to have two men that are playing the naming game. Thank you Thank you Thank you. You must Be a ROMANTIC GUY! I will post the Winners on Valentines Day. 🙂 Deb


    1. Hi Karen,
      Thank you so much for Voting!!!! I love having so many people involved. You should have seen me late one night and early one morning making a excel spread sheet of all the email entries. There must be a way to get everyone involved that is a lot easier? I think the blog will be a lot easier. I will post all the winners on Valentines Day. How are your kids, two girls right? And Say hi to Hubby!
      Thanks again, Happy Valentines Day. 🙂 Deb


  4. My votes go to:
    A – Love Note
    B – Flutter By
    C – Effervescent
    D – Loving the Moment
    E – Burning Love
    F – Floating Springtime
    G – Flock of Love
    H – Grapevines


  5. A. Love Note
    B. New Life
    C. Pure Heart
    D. Patched Heart
    E. Melting Maple saw this from another voter
    F. Freedom
    G. Tons of Luv
    H. I ment “Violet” for this one 🙂

    Good Luck All


    1. Hi Heather,
      Did I make a mistake on H? I will add Violet on there. I am so sorry I think it was lack of sleep! I have to figure out a better way to do this. You can’t imagine how time consuming it was to make a spread sheet of all the participants and the name entries for 8 pieces….. That’s me for ya, coming up with creative ideas and then having my “WONDER HUBBY” help me figure out how to do it. Sometimes I am still that little girl that can twinkle my nose like BEWITCHED and get it all done. Ok that all said, I will post all the winners on Valentines Day. Happy Valentines Day Heather! xxox Deb


  6. A.”The Rythm of Love”
    B. “Sky Burst”
    C. “Mirror of my heart”
    D. “Healing Heart”
    E. “Falling for you”
    F. “Summer Breeze”
    G. “Flock of Love”
    H. Heirloom of love”


  7. A. The Rythm of love
    B. Sky Burst
    C. Mirror of my heart
    D. Healing Heart
    E. Falling for you
    F. Summer breeze
    G. Flock of love
    H. Heirloom of love

    Great ideas everyone!


  8. ARTWORK (A) Love Note
    ARTWORK (B) Flutter By
    ARTWORK (C) Polka Dot Heart
    ARTWORK (D) Patched Heart
    ARTWORK (E) Devotion
    ARTWORK (F) Joyful
    ARTWORK (G) Flock Of Love
    ARTWORK (H) Scrolling Heart


  9. A- Awakening (One of my favorites, the painting it self. Very nice)
    B- Flutter By
    C- I spill my heart For You
    D- Loving the Moment
    E- Mocha Morning (Another favorite painting that very much caught my eye. The colors are fantastic)
    F- Freedom
    G- Tickle My Heart
    H- Heirloom Of Love

    So my choices. I can’t waite to see if any of them have one 😉


  10. Hi Debbie!

    Thank you for calling me tonight and teaching me about blogging. I will now start to read your blog. Love the ‘ heart’ in your art!

    ❤ Kathy


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