Everyday is Valentine’s Day!

Wow! We woke up this Thursday morning at 10:15am!  WOW, I haven’t slept in that late since I was teenager. Last night, we had a huge event/party in our gallery, Winter Wine Walk and we had a 1000 people come through our gallery. OMG, it was SO MUCH FUN!

So many people were awestruck at the beauty of my “Valentine’s Themed Paintings”, thinking that I must have painted them all just for that Special Day of Sharing Love. In honor of my title, “The Heart Artist” (a title that was given to me by men, women & children of all ages & races around the country), I welcomed my guests across the huge crowds throughout the evening, proudly claiming my title as “The Heart Artist”, an artist that paints hearts every day of the year.

Seeing the looks on people’s faces was priceless;  their hearts opening up like a flower blooming, right before my eyes, to a whole new view on love. Can you imagine if I did a show at a huge Museum and had 100 of my heart paintings all in one room? How we could share in the Ultimate Valentine experience, a celebration of you and me!

What the “Heart Artist” believes about Valentine’s Day ? I send out love to the world in every way I know how, through my art, my blogs, my videos, my new heart art paintings… I am sending out a love energy that is unconditional, never expecting anything in return, and like the little girl on Valentine’s Day, secretly putting my handmade valentine’s cards in the pretty decorated shoes boxes that we made for Valentine’s Day in school, I send you my love and you send it back to me in the emails, phone calls, hugs and continual praise.

Valentine’s Day is a Celebration of the You and Me! It’s a special day to acknowledge that we care about each other, think of each other, and that we have a special place in our hearts for each other. Giving unconditional love every day of my life is what I live for and is what makes my life so special. Honestly, every year I meet 1000’s of people, and although I hate the fact that I may forget names (it is one of the most embarrassing aspects of my job), one thing is for sure, I never forget you and the connection we have with and for each other. You are special to me and I am dedicated to uplifting the world through my art!

Honestly, deep down inside, I am a little heart girl that thinks, if I just paint enough beautiful, colorful, energy soulful hearts and get enough people to see them and experience them throughout the world, I will uplift the culture in such a way as to create a transformation for the entire planet. And that my friend is why for me, EVERY DAY IS VALENTINE’S DAY. It is a chance to celebrate you and me and bring a life energy that I feel every day of my life.

All that said it took me all day to put this together. It is now 9:01pm and finally getting this Blog properly posted 🙂 Yes!

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