Seeing Your Soul Through the Eyes of The Heart Artist, Painter of Love

Hidden Talent Blooms:  I remember painting my first heart, my first soul painting, now what I call a Heart Portrait.

In this video, I share how I go about painting a family Heart Portrait Painting.

A social butterfly since I was a little girl, I was destined to become the Painter of Love and destined to see and paint the hearts and souls of many.

I have always been very sensitive to people of all ages. My mother and father were often worried about my open-hearted approach to life and the people that I would meet. My mother was always concerned that perhaps I would either wander off to some stranger’s home or bring a stranger to our home.

Nevertheless, from a very early age, I had this unusually keen sense of perceptions of those around me. It was like I could see their soul, see their intentions through my eyes, and this internal awareness protected me for years.

Although my parents were very supportive of my need to dance and perform, (a godsend for sure), no one, including myself, really understood this particular hidden talent; this gift of seeing a person’s soul through the eyes of an artist. We often confused it with being too sensitive, too emotional. But imagine seeing and feeling people’s hearts and souls with almost everyone I met. You would feel pretty emotional too! Dance, poetry and my journal became artistic vehicles for expression & emotions that I would feel in my heart.

Hidden Talent Blooms:  I remember painting my first heart, my first soul painting, now what we call a Heart Portrait. In the video, I tell the inside story of my first Heart Portrait Painting.

Honestly, I never totally recognized the depth of this special gift, until about 8 years ago after I painted my first Heart Portrait, a blended single giant heart of my hubby and I, on huge canvas. Since then, I have  been commissioned to paint families, couples,children and people all over the world. I love capturing the essence of you on canvas and painting what I see and feel. It is my way of celebrating the beauty that each one of us has to offer the world.

To see more of Debbie’s heart paintings and fine art landscapes, abstracts & mixed media collages: visit or for details about getting your Heart Portrait painted call (408) 370-7278

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