Slippers, Cocktails, Giggles

Love's Not For Sale oil painting by Debbie M. Arambula

Good friends are the like the sprinkles on cupcakes, whip cream on hot chocolate, a glass of wine at the end of a tremendously long day, pancakes on a winter morning.  Friends add the sparkle to the days’ adventures, the laughter in the silver lining of unconditional love.

Without friends life would be LONELY, BORING and lets face plain old SAD!

With all of the worldly adventures some evenings are just meant for good friends, Slippers, Cocktails and Giggles! It’s called breathing or what my cousin Annie (sister), my hubby and I call “Our Pretend Vacation” These kind of vacations are filled with a ton of laughter, a ton of love and a lot of sharing about living!

Pretend vacations can be for an hour or a half a day, but in them you really escape into the activity and the end result is a feeling refreshed and a renewed since of playing the game of life ready to take on whatever comes your way. Slippers, Cocktails and Giggles can be a necessary mx in creating the Perfect Blend for living.

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