Parenthood a Multifaceted Adventure of the Heart and Soul

Family Bliss
Family Bliss the first Heart Portrait of My Young Family

It’s a funny thing about parenthood. It’s a multi-faceted adventure of the heart to say the least! Life’s journey, a seesaw from child to parenthood, a going concern of tug-of-war, peace & love, compromise & stability . . . And then, one day, they grow up and they no longer need you the way they always did. But honestly, they really do need you, just in a different way, and if you don’t grasp that, well honestly, you will lose them or die in the attempt.

I am so in love with my family and I cherish & celebrate every moment I get with them.

Love of children is a funny thing. You birth them, you breast-feed them, you bathe them, you burp them. As they learn to walk, they hang on the the coffee table and then your legs. They go to school for the first time and a little letting go occurs like a knife in the heart . . . You watch them cry when you leave them, then you watch them ignore you as they reach for a friend’s hand in the classroom.

All baby steps of letting go,  hidden lessons in every process of change, letting go of their diapers, the baby bottles, the story times, the cuddle times, the nap times, the field trips, and each step in this letting go or transformation is all to prepare yourself for the day they leave the nest, go out on their own. Thank God it happens in baby steps or I think it would be too hard on the hearts of Moms and Dads worldwide.

But honestly, I remember sitting in my car a few years back, feeling so lonely, missing my kids like I might wilt if I didn’t get to see them soon. They had all moved out of the house; one was in LA, one in Delaware and one newly married, building a life of his own, and then I had this HUGE epiphany about this multi-faceted adventure of the heart and soul, this vocation called PARENTHOOD!

This entire adventure, from holding their little bodies till they could walk, and then holding their hands as they walk across the street, to teaching them right & wrong, having the battle of the minds of who is right & who is wrong, to holding their hearts as they get mistreated by another and everything in between, whether you are the parent or the child, it all  leads to this one REALIZATION . . .  That the relationship between a child and a parent never stops growing or changing. It is a constant creation of two people who find out what the other needs & wants, and sometimes, when children are growing up in life, their needs & wants change, from you holding their hand to holding their heart, being a good listener and having a  simple conversation about the life and sprinkling it with a hug.

And even as I write this to share with you now, I long for our next family visit, our family time and in the back of my mind, I envision trapping them on an island for what we call  “Forced Family Fun”. Now this is a type of mini-visit, a family dinner or a type of vacation with no distractions. Just Steve, our three kids, our lovely daughter-in-law and  any significant other that may be in the mix at the time . . .  Now, you see, this is where my little lamp book, The Way To Happiness, and two of my favorite 3 page chapters, Love and Help Children and Honor & Love Your Parents inspires me in my life’s creation of that Perfect Blend.

"Perfect Blend" by Debbie Marie Arambula, Heart Artist
Perfect Blend by Debbie M. Arambula mixed media abstract art work

This particular inspirational mixed media abstract artwork, Perfect Blend, says it all. Love, Innovation, Inspiration a perfect blend for living when it comes to  parenthood, a multi-faceted adventure of the heart and soul. I embrace this piece of art from my heart!

To get all the details about this mixed media abstract collage art work, click on the picture itself and it will direct you to my website.

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