Birthday of Our First Born Love Child!

Birth Day of Our First Born LOVE Child

Our First Born!Today is a very special day, the birthday of our first born love child. 31 years ago, at 1:54 pm, our beautiful first born son greeted us with more love in his heart than we could ever imagine. How could one baby open our hearts to a well of feelings that we never knew existed?

How could one baby make us feel so much more love and joy for each other?

It’s amazing when you give birth for the first time; the feelings and emotions that come over you in the experience. I remember it well. The night before, we were playing Uno at a church Pizza and Game Night event. That night I won almost every game in the house. It was so funny, here is this pregnant woman, ready to pop any second, playing Uno with about 9 other people and winning almost every hand. I knew something was special about that night . . .  I could feel it. That night we didn’t get home till about 1:30 am and around 2:30 am, my water broke. Now we were in for the adventure of a lifetime. Steve and I had done a ton of research and read about 5 books and decided to have a home birth. It was one of those decisions that just felt right, deep down to the core. So we hired a midwife and did all the necessary preparations for this event.

Around 6 am we called my parents and invited them to the event, of course the midwife knew she didn’t have to come quite yet. For hours I labored over each contraction like it was the last one, letting go of each, so that I could embrace the next. Funny but this little system that I developed worked like a charm and has gotten me through each of my three home births drug free. With every contraction I knew the baby was coming closer and closer to my arms and this comforted me.

BunnyAt the time of our beautiful baby’s arrival in the world, he was greeted by Steve, my Mom and Dad and our midwife, by my side, with deep love and admiration in their eyes, as they were given their first view of our first born son, their first born Grandson. My Dad had never seen a birth, as three my brothers and I were born in a time when men were not allowed to participate, AT ALL!

I remember the exact moment he was being born, the overwhelming feeling of joy, deep love, happiness and the feeling that I had just given birth to THE BEST GIFT I HAD EVER RECEIVED in the universe. And my heart OPENED up like a never ending ocean of love. And as my husband and I held him, and admired each other, the unspoken love between us grew, even more than we had felt just the day before.

Funny how birth of a baby transforms a life, a heart, a family and today is his birthday! I celebrate all his beauty, his sense of humor, his ability to cook with talented passion, his beautiful smile that melts my heart with joy, his smart, witty, brilliant mind, his multi-faceted abilities to create music and his light-hearted way of always protecting, providing and taking care of me. He is our Dano Mano, the little man that brought more love & joy to our lives than we could ever imagine.

Smilin' DanEven today, 31 years later, it is truly amazing to me that the love that Steve and I share could create such a miracle, Our First Born Love Child.

Happy Birthday Dano Mano,


Mom & Dad

Here is a picture of Daniel and Rachele getting married in Kauai a few years ago, and our other two babies! Ha!

All Our Kids!

5 thoughts on “Birthday of Our First Born Love Child!

  1. This is a beautiful story of birth and mirrors the love present at a natural birth like yours. The feelings were the same for my husband and I though, at the birth of our first child. The hospital in which she was born tried to make it anything BUT natural, but we also had done enough reading and preparation to have an amazing birth anyways. I also felt she was the best gift I had ever received. Thanks for reminding me of that lovely thought.


    1. Hi Kathy,
      Thank you so much for sharing. When I was writing the mini story this morning I didn’t expect to get yet another gift of love, but that is the true value of pleasure moments, they keep giving back to you when you take a moment to cherish them. And that in your sharing I find love as well… so two gifts! Yeah! Thank you!


  2. Debbie, that is a wonderful story. Happy Birthday to your son, even though I’ve never met him. I’m sure he is a wonderful person. I too feel that my daughter Kristi was the best thing I ever did in my life. I had a tough journey raising her as a single mom, but I feel it was worth every minute of it. I wish we could have been in touch and met each others kids.



    1. Thank you I will tell him. He is a beautiful soul for sure. I am so glad that you had a little girl I always pictured you with one.How old is she?
      And I am sorry your journey was a tough, as a single Mom it must be so hard…to always be the one they run to for everything. I am so looking forward to meeting her. Our middle son is 23 and our daughter is 21. We are all so lucky to have each other children can bring so much love to your heart, soul and life.


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