Surround Yourself with a Perfect Blend of LOVE

Surprise, Surprise, Surprise! I am so excited that you are enjoying my new release, Perfect Blend!

In the video above I have a new surprise for you…..

Each piece of my art speaks to every person in it’s own little way. Like you they all have their own journey and story.  And you know when it speaks to you because the art has a way of finding you, tapping on the heart and giving you a sign or message in one way or another.

I truly believe deep down we are all artist’s in one way or another and finding things that praise our inner beauty is a good thing. Maybe it’s in the way you cook, or raise your children, perhaps, it’s the way you manage people, or dress, or speak in public…

My soul purpose is to create works that speak to you and inspire YOU!

We all desire a Perfect Blend in for our lives, our families, our friends lives and for mankind in general. Believe me I know this to be true, or you wouldn’t be on my mailing list.

My art has a way of finding my kindred spirits, shining a spot light on their  beautiful hearts bringing out inner feelings of happiness and well being. Many have said, that my art has inspires them in ways they never imagined.

I am honored to know that sharing my gifts gives so much joy.

Getting a piece of art for yourself depends on going Beyond the Boundaries of limiting your happiness, listening to your heart and giving yourself a gift of love, not only  because it’s a great GREAT DEAL, but because it speaks to you and will feed your soul for years to come! Now that is a gift worth sharing.

So for the first time I am offering Beyond the Boundaries Limited Edition Premium Print.

This offer WILL NOT LAST AT THIS PRICE. So If you love it, just get it! IF you order any one of these today (FRIDAY) you will receive an extra special Surprise Gift!!!!! Call me if you really have to know what it is. (408) 370-7278

Beyond the Boundaries heart art
Beyond the Boundaries by Debbie Marie Arambula

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Inspiring balance in life
Perfect Blend Mixed Media collage by Debbie M. Arambula


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