Creating Balance in LIFE is what I call Perfect Blend

The Video above was taken in one of my most favorite places on earth. In it I release my newest pieces of art in two sizes if you are interested in finding out more about my special NEW RELEASE offer just click the work of heart below and it will take you to my offer. 

Creating balance in life is all about doing the things that work, throwing out the things that don’t, and
BELIEVING in your dreams & goals, with purpose and passion.

Growth has always been at my feet. Since I was 12 years old, I remember looking up at the sky knowing that there was more to life than met the eye. It was at that time I found deep connection to myself and my quest for the truth about our existence. Growth can be a challenge but I know that things do happen for a reason and I always aim to discover the answers.

Balance to me is making sure that I take time for myself to do the things I love to do for myself. Giving to others is something that comes naturally. But giving to myself is the one that I seem to need the most work on. And Balance comes in loving yourself to be loved the way you are deserving of.

Balance is gaining a deeper spiritual understanding of life, whatever that means for you. Being artistic is at the very core of who I am. Letting that light shine from deep within me comes through my art and to the viewer’s eye. The artwork “Perfect Blend” is one of the pieces that has inspired me in so many ways. It’s all about being inspired and growth, purpose and passion.


Inspiring balance in life
Perfect Blend Mixed Media collage by Debbie M. Arambula

What inspires your balance? PLEASE SHARE. I really love  hearing your thoughts and ideas . . . It inspires me to be a part of your life . . .Share the love – Post your comment below. Just click on “comments”.

2 thoughts on “Creating Balance in LIFE is what I call Perfect Blend

  1. This is Cari….Yeah!!!! I finally got a large piece of your work!! It will be beautiful in my home ( it has all of the colors that I will be using to decorate and the most amazing message!) and this was absoluly my favorite!! I will come down to pick it up at the gallery when you let me know it will be ready. You should still have a print there for me from the surveys that I completed for you and I am very excited to get more information on Debbie’s classes. I have been wanting to paint for years now and never took the time for myself. Well, 2011 is off to a great start with help from you and I am ready to get out there and do what brings me joy!!


    1. Hi Cari, This is so great! One of the reasons we are creating the large art is to provide high quality pieces that are totally affordable. I am so glad that you are getting this piece. Wait till you see it in person, everyone that has is blown out over the quality! Thanks for being interested in my rare art classes. So many people have begged me for years but it just wasn’t the right time. Now it is for sure! I am excited that you will be one of my first students signed up. I can not wait to start the classes and look forward to seeing each persons heart and soul blossom to their artistic side.
      We will have so much fun for sure!
      🙂 Deb


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