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“Perfect Blend”

The Heart Artist shares her personal story

This piece was created in August of 2009. I was taking a class on “The Way to Happiness” (Link below) at the time, and was rediscovering parts of myself that had forgotten about for a very long time.  It was that childlike, carefree, playful self that had gotten drowned by the demands of adulthood. You know the one I am talking about. That BEAUTIFUL, childlike spirit in each one of us.  Simple, carefree, wise, honest, impeccable integrity, and is basically a creative soul, that soul that has no expectations of self, other than to be. You know that one I am talking about, the one that is about 5 years old and sits in a classroom creating an art project and doesn’t have any voices telling him what he is doing is dumb, but rather, just he as himself creating beauty, life and positivity. When you tap into that man, you are tapping into pure certainty of who you are, where you’re headed, and the how you will get there, all boils down to the simplicity of knowing that you will.

Perfect Blend. What is it really? We all define the perfect blend for living in our coffee, our wine, in how we dress, the music we listen to, the careers we are in, the causes we support, the amount of pleasure and adventures we add to our lives. And when we don’t feel the perfect blend, we feel discontented, unhappy, disorganized and displeased with the quality of our life.  Sometimes we get innovative on how to bring more inspiration and love to our lives.

The cool thing about life is that every day, we get a chance to turn a new leaf in the pages of our lives. Our thoughts are inspired by many things, our environment, the people we hang out with, the job we go to everyday… and sometimes, the chatter of the past haunts us, like chains around our feet, we strive & struggle for a bright future.

This piece represents more to me than meets the eye, but rather, an explosive positive energy that strikes at the heart and soul, my child self, every time I look at it.

In one glance, it reminds me that life is simple, that keeping my word once granted is very important to me, that following my heart despite all the negative chatter in the world is valuable and vital to my success, to love myself first, and to be innovative when it feels like I have come to a dead end.

For most, last year was one of the roughest years. So many people continued to lose their home, jobs, marriages. Just when you thought it would all stabilize out, another economic tragedy gave way on the news; ads for food stamps on national TV, tragedies in climate changes & tireless nights of working to make ends meet.

This piece was created in a moment of pure innocence. I never intended to share it with anyone, kind of my way to protect my child. It was in this journey that I recovered a very personal part of myself as an artist that I had lost along the way.

While listening to Italian music, using scraps of paper, stencils, grass, torn up pages from the booklet, The Way to HappinessTM, while expressively finger painting, pasting handmade paper, stamping and tearing, all the while quietly creatively pushing all my self doubt away, like my 5 year old self, cheer leading me on, with no expectations and no limitations and with wild abandon I passionately & selfishly created it for me and me alone! And this was truly the first piece I had created for me since I my very first piece of art in kindergarten.

I give to you a portion of my inner child’s heart and soul. I hope that it uplifts and inspires you.

I am happy to say that I am not only offering this piece of my heart, but also for the first time, offering mixed media poetry classes & workshops  to individuals, families, couples and children. I have two locations on in Marin and one in Campbell. I will be creating these classes  by appointment only. Please let me know if you are interested in either. You Can call or email me 408) 370-7278 I have a few spots available for upcoming workshops.

Perfect Blend by Debbie Marie Arambula

Ok, so I have two “Pretty Please” Requests. First, Please Join the conversation and tell me your thoughts and Secondly click Perfect Blend image above, to see a VERY EXCLUSIVE LIMITED OFFER for you. This offer will only last a few days.

So please, you owe it to yourself to check this out!

Much love to you!

Debbie Marie Arambula,  Heartist


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2 thoughts on “Perfect Blend My Art Muse For Living

  1. Hi Debbie,

    I have a few pieces of yours, I actually have an 8×10 print that happens to have that line “a perfect blend” on it, not sure if it is from this piece or not. Are there 2 versions of the print, one that has just “a perfect blend” on it that is green/blue in color? I would love to have that in an 8×10… I would come in to get it since I live locally. Would I be one of the first 35? There is a valentine work, the intertwined family I believe it is called that I love.

    My boyfriend and I purchased a house together 2 years ago and we “blended” our families of 2 kids each… the term “a perfect blend” resonates with me as our family and the valentine print that has the 2 large hearts and 4 smaller hearts is perfect for our “family”.

    Let me know if you want me to purchase on-line or if I can just come in!

    Looking forward to hearing from you

    Debbie Sandoval


    1. Hi Debbie,
      Thanks for responding. We are only offering the special offers on the New Releases. If you are one of the first to order you get the extra 11 x 14 print for free and all the other amazing bonuses. I am so excited that you and your boyfriend are together and have blended your families this is so cool! I think you are right the new Valentine Family of hearts is perfect blending for sure! I look forward to seeing you a Campbells Wine Walk. We are honored to have Heart O The Mountain Winery in our gallery for wine walk night.


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