Rebirth of an Artist ~ Uncovered Talents by Chance!

Wow, I am so inspired! I just found this amazing, hear- warming story about a homeless man named Ted. Some gentleman was driving by Ted’s location & noticed his sign and was compelled to take a video of  Ted and his amazing “Announcer’s Voice”. That’s right, his VOICE! He has the most deep, warm, soothing voice that I have ever heard. He is a total artist. Despite a very hard life, he never stopped sharing his gift. And when I saw this on YouTube tonight, I just had to share it with you. The most touching thing to me is that he will be reunited with his 92 year old mom in New York and I am so moved, I wish I could give him a piece of heart art for his new home, as I am sure that is just around the corner for him. If you or anyone knows how I could send him some love with my art, please let me know. He has inspired me greatly and I want to honor his rebirth!

We all have talents and sometimes, I think we bury them, forget them, neglect them & sometimes even hide them. But Ted shared his talent in exchange for food and this is what I am honoring. That is the first time that I have seen a homeless man truly give something of value in exchange for money.  Be true to yourself and never stop dreaming or practicing your talents and this way you won’t lose yourself!

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