A Heart For Babies

Some of my greatest works have erupted from moments of pure unsolicited creativity using brushes, fingers, palette knives, crayons, pastels, whatever inspires me in the moment: each tool becomes a conduit for a whirl wind of emotion as the communication explodes from my heart & soul, like a volcano onto the canvas. Like loves passion is not really anything one can put in words, but rather a feeling of expression.
We have been working on a secret Human Rights Project for 8 months. If you love babies, & who doesn’t?

Join me on my new Community page on face book ” A Heart for Babies”  December 10th for the inside story on ways to help our babies of the world.

My Intention is not to bring sadness to the world but more light, happiness, hope and sometimes that starts with awareness. Awareness is the first step in recognizing a situation and only then can we get creative to do something about it. Join me on December 10th and help me spread the awareness of the #1 Cause of infant mortality.

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