“A Little Girl with a Dream” By the Heart Artist

Me at 3 1/2
“A Little Girl with a Dream”
By Debbie Arambula

“I remember, when I was about 2½ years old, standing on a big stage, at the Montgomery Theater, in downtown San Jose, in my red polka-dot dress. And as I stood there nervously smiling, the entire audience was smiling and clapping for me. Little did I know, that I had just won first place in a beauty contest. Although I didn’t really understand what was going on, I knew I was making people really, really happy. It was at that moment in my life that I had total certainty that creating happiness within people awakened a deep passion to bring happiness to the people of the world.”
“I recall performing at many County Fairs, Hospitals, Convalescent Homes, and Churches, and with each performance, the emotional impact of these experiences created a deeper passion of my calling, to give my life, my heart and soul through the art of dance & music and to inspire happiness, relief, hope, care and most of all love… This was the purest love that I could give to the world and this was what I had to do in life!”
“Through my Mother’s loving encouragement & my Dads adoring affection, I became very confident on stage and my genuine love of people grew into deep purpose and passion of bringing light, joy and happiness to those that experience my artistic creations.”
This deep purpose drives my passion for painting and for years, my customers have shared the most amazing stories about the benefits of my art: they feel instant happiness, others say that it opened their hearts and then they fell in love, some say it has nurtured them in loss, others have said that it helped them get pregnant (not sure how that works, ha, ha, ha), others have been inspired to paint, some feel that my art has given them an energetic passion for life or inspired a sense of calm and even a few have told me that my art has saved their lives!  I guess might say I am living my passion, living my dream!
I know that we are all so busy in life and I know that times are tough. I just want you to know that I am here and I really do care about you; your happiness in life.

Deep inside, I am still that little girl of 2½, thinking that if I could just smile enough through my art, I would make the whole world a happier place! I hope that you will take advantage of spreading my message of love & happiness around the world!

My Love to the world,

Debbie Marie Arambula (Cetani)

A picture may be a worth a 1000 words, Imagine what it will say when it’s in your home!”
Pasty Cetani (My Mom)

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