Birth of the Heart Artist ~~~ How one piece of Heart art changed my life forever!

The Untitled Piece of Heart Art that Changed My Life Forever!

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A Very Personal, Uplifting Story by Debbie Marie Arambula

14 years ago, I never imagined that I would be sitting in my own gallery, sharing my life story with you on a very personal basis.  Sure, when I was a little girl, I day dreamed about creating a happier world… I mean, I used to daydream about this ALL THE TIME!  I imagined myself a movie star, a famous singer, a professional, world class dancer and a Mommy, but world-collected painter was never even a glimmer of hope; in fact that dream was put to sleep a long time ago.

I remember the birth of my artistic calling. It was on one spring morning, during kindergarten. I was working on this cool art project. We were using colorful pastel tissue paper to cut shapes we loved and gluing them onto a rescued piece of wood that I chose to paint a warm, soft, buttercup yellow. Still to this day it is my favorite piece in the whole world and you have my brilliant Mother to thank for saving it all these years!

I remember that day, feeling so happy & engrossed in using scissors, “on my own”, for the first time, cutting pastel colored hearts, a flower, a mountain range and a banana. Out of a multitude of shapes, these were my favorites & like most of my art, each has its own story and this one is no exception. Each shape defined who I was and what was truly important to me in life. I just loved the happiness that I captured in the piece. And this little voice inside my heart said, “This is what I want to do, bring light, happiness & joy to the world!”

I remember having this epiphany, as my tongue comfortably stuck out while cutting the shapes and gluing them on the wood. In a bold moment of purpose and passion, I said to my teacher “I want to be an Artist”… and she said to me, “Well honey, that is very hard to do and you really won’t make a lot of money.” I looked up at her so sadly and somewhat confused and said why do I need to “Make Money”? (I literally THOUGHT SHE MEANT I had to actually “Make THE Money” while I just wanted to ‘Make Art”)

I really don’t remember anything after that, but for some reason, I decided that she was right because I loved her so much and knew that she knew a lot.  And so my dream was put to rest for 30 years…

Coming from a family of well-known, hardworking, dedicated entrepreneurs, as a young mother of 23 years, I was inspired to start my own house cleaning business.  I was cleaning about 20 homes a week for some top celebrities, businessmen and women, and although my back was in extreme pain every day for 15 years, (during which I birthed two more babies), I became sort of famous for not only an above average ability to clean, but also an unusual talent for rearranging furniture in rooms in such a way that it gave them an uplifting feel. (I think that is what they call feng shui?)

And so my dream of becoming a famous artist was substituted for by my talented ability to clean a home and change the esthetic energy in any room I touched. And this made my customers VERY, VERY HAPPY!

From House Cleaner to Internationally collected HeARTiST:

Although many adventures led me to actually picking up a paintbrush and selling my first piece, I remember the first time I created a piece of art and brought it to one of my “House Cleaning” customers to show her. She LOVED it so much, she instantly asked me, “How much?” I said “$269.00” she said “I’ll buy it!”

WOW, my whole universe was doing the happy dance!!! Could it be that I could create such beauty in one painting that it would inspire instant happiness… instant joy….OH MY GOSH? Could it be that I could give up scrubbing toilets and breaking my back for hours. And my dream door cracked open…

And, 14 years later, here I am in my own gallery, with literally 1000’s of “MY” happy paintings hanging in homes all over the world! WOW!

It is because of great customers like you, who continue to share my deep spiritual purpose & passion to uplift the human spirit, give inspiration and bring hope to the world! It is for you that can I continue to create colorful, uplifting, emotional, energy-filled paintings… It is for you that I discover better ways to create beautiful art works that are high quality and affordable, so that I can spread the good energy that my paintings provide.

Help me Name this Untitled piece of Heart Art, that I created when I was 5 years old.

Want to win a FREE, 16 x 20, hand-signed print? Go to: “Leave a Comment”, below, and share your ideas on a title that you feel best fits this piece and why.  Share your suggestions below now! Each comment is reviewed hourly & will be posted within hours.

The winner will be posted on this blog BLACK FRIDAY!

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25 thoughts on “Birth of the Heart Artist ~~~ How one piece of Heart art changed my life forever!

  1. Everybody automatically equates the symbol of a heart with love, because of that i think that you should title this piece either “The Beginning of Love” or “My First Love” either one I think is an accurate description of what started so many years ago for you…your love of painting, of the symbol of love, and through that bringing light, joy and happiness to so many others! Thank–you for that by the way!!


  2. I think that most people automatically associate a heart as the universal symbol of love, because of that I think it’s fitting to title this piece “The Beginning of Love” or “My First Love”…the title, I feel, it shows how you felt about Love and the symbol of love from a very young age. Thank-you for expressing it so beautifully!


    1. Hi Debbie–just wanted to let you know that my comment got posted twice under my regular name and under my user name…didn’t want you to think it was a shady thingI sorry for the repost!


  3. Hi Debbie,I ready your beautiful story and I think you should title that masterpiece: GENESIS

    Your dream was birthed from this one piece of art that a little girl put her heart, soul, and passion into. It reminds me of how God created all of us. It’s amazing, beautiful, and everlasting.

    Bless your mom for saving it all these years. It’s sure one special piece of art.


  4. I LUV Hearts and work for a Heart Airline(SWA)
    I would love to help name this piece. my thought is
    “Layers of my Young Heart” or “Layers of my Heart”
    Happy Holidays Debbie And Steve


      1. Hi Debbie….well you know we have loved your work & been collecting it since seeing you at our harvest festival over 7 years ago 🙂
        I like the title “Inside a little girls dream”….it was your dream to make art that people love & cherish it like your collectors/customers do!
        Sorry we missed you this past weekend! ♥ you


  5. Hey Debbie!! I think this peace is so innocent but amazing, I think many titles can fit it: “Innocent Love” “Big Dreams, Made Reality” or “Love and HeART”

    I dunno, but I love it!


  6. I think a good title would be “Layers of Love”. As a young girl you put layers of tissue on the board and each layer or piece was something you loved and through the years it has continued to be important in your life. Happy Thanksgiving to all of you!


  7. This morning I thought of another idea… Dawn of Love or Dawn of My Heart or Dawn of a Heart. Basically is is the beginning of you realizing your love of art.


  8. I would LOVE to see one of your hearts on a SWA plane! Great idea! As for your Kindergarten art, how about “Young Love”. Yes- I want to know why there is a banana in the picture:) Thanks Debbie!


    1. The Banana was one of my favorite Kindergarten snacks, I could smell the bananas in the paper bags hanging in the lunch closet next to the coats. I was so excited everyday for lunch and to see what other kids brought. Kindergarten was fun.


  9. What about “Dream a Little Dream” or “Dreams do come true” or “My little dream” Your very young dreams as a little girl did end coming true through the amazing art you create. Thank you!


  10. ‘epiphany’……came to mind, just one word. At such a young age, if we could all remember a moment when our true calling hit.


  11. Debbie –

    I’ve been trying to coming up with so many different titles for your entry into the world of art!

    Right now, I think it’s “A Star is Born”! The fact that you knew, at such a young age what you were born to do, and you never let go of that dream.

    We are all blessed that you had such vision. Each day, as we gaze upon your art on our walls ~ it can empower us or soothe us. It can send us to a dream world where everything is beautiful. If we’ve had a bad day, your art can put us into a place of beauty and grace.

    Happy Thanksgiving to you & the entire clan!

    ~ Rita


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