World Peace ~ Heart Art

Peaces of a Dream by Debbie Marie Arambula

“Peaces of a Dream”

My Inside STORY By Debbie Marie Arambula

Like a singer, my voice carries through each painting. Like a song, I tell my stories in color & rhythm. With each brush stoke, a note of energy, with each color, an emotional tone. Painting is my passion, inspiring others; my dream and when the two blend together, I create a masterpiece to the eye of the beholder.

Since a young girl, I have always been passionate about life, culture, dance, music, family & the condition of the world. Dance performance unleashed my deep need to express myself to others. In almost every dance creation, I had hoped to bridge the gap between races & cultures.

Born in 1960 & raised in a time when threat of war, human rights protests, Peace & Love were an integral topic of daily conversations. Fascinated by worldly culture & the weirdness I found in how some men & women judged and segregated other men, women & children of different colors. In the eyes of a child, IT NEVER MADE ANY SENSE TO ME! This observation has been the driving force behind all of my human rights pieces.

Passionate words of hope & inspiration of great leaders like Martin Luther King, & Gandhi would mold my passionate, humanitarian heart forever.

Peace, what is it really? We all want it, we all crave it, we all demand it, we all search for it, we all wish for it . . . Peace is something that starts with you, within the corners of your own soul. When I think of the world in it’s current condition, somehow, this simple message that great leaders have carried on their shoulders for centuries, has become a dream-like goal.

For me, Peace is a daily activity of reaching from within, at every chance, and trying to treat others the way I would like to be treated.  Now I know the idea is SIMPLE beyond belief, and maybe to some, even childish. But with each day, if I can improve my tolerance, my patience, my love, my kindness, isn’t that creating world peace?

The opportunity for Peace knocks on our door every day and somehow, I truly believe that if enough of us try treating others the way you would want to be treated, we would create enough agreement & enough change that we will inspire a better world to live in for our children, grandchildren, great grandchildren . . .

Artist’s Interpretation:

‘Peaces of a Dream’ is my way of inspiring & reminding us of our capacity to love & the power of decision, “Be the change we want to see” Gandhi

The dwindling spiral of negative thought permeates our daily life. Like a cancer, it grows throughout the world. It is shoved in our faces at every turn. The negative news, the negative neighbor, the stressed-out store clerk, the negative TV shows, the Negative News, oh, did I say that twice? Doom & Gloom are fed to us every day! “BE AFRAID, THE SKY IS FALLING, THE WAR, THE KILLING, THE CRIME, THE HUMAN RIGHTS VIOLATIONS, THE ECONOMY IS BLAH, BLAH, BLAH!” Negative, negative, negative!!!!  We might as well give up before we even try!

Now don’t get me wrong. I am not saying that I think we all need to live in a bubble. That is silly. Data is good. Information is good. Being aware of the conditions of the world is good. BUT WHERE IS ALL THE GOOD NEWS? Why can’t it be 50% on informing us & 50% be on what people are doing to help create a better world? Historically, the view seems to that, “That doesn’t sell newspapers”.

Who knows, has anyone ever tried it?

‘Peaces of a Dream’ was not inspired by some glimmer of hope for World Peace; more simply, to inspire a spiritual greatness from within each of our hearts to create Peace.  The single hearts down the center of the peace sign symbolize that Peace starts with your own decision to make the effort. The two hearts joined that make up the circle symbolize that it takes two people,, two city officials, two towns, two countries . . . I purposely created the three panels so that you wouldn’t see the peace sign right away; some don’t even see it until it is pointed out to them. I wanted you to discover the peace sign in your own time & then have an “A HA” moment! And most people do!  I didn’t create this piece because it is a “popular subject”, but rather, a concept that I want to inspire on a worldly level, for all cultures, all races, all towns, all families, all persons. This peace is dedicated to the world.

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