Create Balance in Life & Love with an artistic flare!

Creating balance in life is all about doing the things that work, throwing out the things that don’t and BELIEVing in your dreams & goals, with purpose and passion.

This year has been full of transformation. Growth has always been at my feet. Since I was 12 years old I remember looking up at the sky knowing that there was more to life then met the eye. It was at that time I found deep connection to myself and my quest for the truth about our existence. Growth can be a challenge but I know that things do happen for a reason and I always aim to discover the answers.

Balance to me is making sure that I take time for myself to do the things I love to do for myself. Giving to others is something that comes naturally. But giving to myself is the one that I seem to need the most work on. And Balance comes in loving yourself to be loved the way you are deserving of.

Balance is gaining a deeper spiritual understanding of life, what ever that means for you. Being artistic is at the very core of who I am. Letting that light shine from deep within me comes through my art and to the viewer’s eye. I am working on a new series of heartworks I hope to have release in about 3 weeks. It’s all about my transition, my healing heart, my deep passion, my dreams.

What inspires your balanced? PLEASE SHARE I really do want to hear…….It inspires me to be a part of your life……
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