In this life you have only one true family!

On Monday my family and I shared an adventure together that we never in our wildest dreams thought we would ever share and the bond that was created between us in a moment of awkward bitter sweet hopefulness gave me a totally new gratitude for my family and the special gifts they each contribute to our family. Sharing this story with you is something  that is not only very personal but extremely important to me.

I have three brothers Rocci, Paul & Matt. Both of my AMAZING Parents are alive and well, Rocci & Pat. I would say that as a whole we are a very affectionate and a very close family. One thing my parents always taught us is that you have only one real family. And that blood is thicker then anything!  Over the years we have all had our ups and downs but one thing is for sure we all love each other very much and we are all very family oriented and very supportive of each other!  With all the people I have met and all the life I have lived I know that this is a rare and precious gift.

Earlier this year my brother Paul was diagnosed with a rare lung disease and around February of this year we all knew that it was I life threatening disease. He has  four beautiful children & a wife that loves him very much. And I am afraid to say that this year has been more about “Beyond the Boundaries” then I have told you. A lot of turmoil has occurred regarding his illness  and as a result a lot of soul searching,  introspection  & strength has come to all of us as a result of this tragedy. We have all supported Paul in more ways then I can share with you in this simple blog.

Ok so on Monday my brother got word that two lungs were waiting for him at UCSF. Getting on the transplant list is an amazing success in itself. And then to be called only 2 days after is 47th Birthday was a gift all in itself! So what did my family do? They all got in their cars and went to the hospital like some family outing or gathering.  And there we were all day all night all of us together walking by his side thru the entire journey till 2am. And like your first roller coaster ride we navigated our way thru the possibility that he would not get these pair of lungs. To see & feel the disappointment & pain in my parents eyes, to feel the strength in my brothers smile, to feel the laughter that we all had while we had moments of joking and laughing in the hospital room, WoW! Was an experience rare to any hospital nurse or doctor.

We visited for hours, sometimes we were all silent and sometimes tried to figure out why it was taking so long, we went on walks, waited, waited and waited some more. And then around 2am they finally gave us the news that unfortunately they gave the lungs to the other man. And for some strange reason we all felt stronger, more in love, more together as a family. And our disappointment turned quickly into hope for a new day, a new pair of lungs. WHAT A FAMILY I THOUGHT to myself, What an Amazing family of love and support! They are the only ones I have in this life and I adore them beyond any boundary!

Cherish your family, be grateful for all the love you share. Each day presents gifts of time to do anything we want with, enjoy the moments even if its just a phone call or a hug or a letter…. LOVE BIG, LIVE STRONG AND LAUGH LOUD!

Much Love,


Please feel free to share your thoughts and you own inspirational stories of family love

4 thoughts on “In this life you have only one true family!

  1. Hi Debbie and Steve,

    Michael and I just read about your brother, our thoughts and prayers go out to you and your family. We are both very family oriented and your words touched us both. It’s good to hear that your family is united, strong and supportive of one another through this difficult time.

    Michael and Shannan


  2. Debbie,

    I’m sorry to hear that your family is going through all of this. I have been in a very similar situation with my family. The love and support of parents and siblings is what will get all of you through this difficult time. You are in my thoughts and prayers.

    Carol Bledsoe


  3. Hi Debbie, you are so right! We are so lucky to have the family we have. I am so proud of all my children and how they stay close to each other. What more can a mother ask. As always, Loads of Love, Mom


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