Beyond the Boundaries, painting from the heart


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Like “Beyond the Boundaries”, this year marks a few important landmarks for me: my 30th Wedding Anniversary, our baby girl will be 21 and my biggest adventure, my 50th birthday, today, July 9th.

As my special gift to you, I offer you my most favorite heart as a proclamation and announcement of sorts. We are here, we are love, we live, we love, we grow, we dream!

The inside story of Beyond the Boundaries:

The purple criss-cross background of Beyond the Boundaries was painted last year, in December 2009. Not a good year for most in the world, so many lost their homes, their jobs but worst of all, their self esteem, their dreams, their hopes . . . I know, I am the Heart Artist. I feel pain unlike most people. I hear the cry of the world like a goddess of love, I cry for the pain of men, women and children across the planet. This criss-cross pattern represents the past, the lost dreams, the lost hopes, the frustrations, the invalidation of all that one believes. The past is behind us.

In January 2010, after having an amazing conversation with one of my best friends, the criss-cross unfinished background stared at me like a child calling me home to my own dreams, my own goals. And in the corners of my mind & my soul, I found myself in PURE Clear Vision, INSPIRATION & Decision. When one is faced in life with decision to Survive or Succumb, (you know what I am talking about), those times in life when it all comes to a point of breathing life into your dreams or leaving them behind, where you question your path and clarify your journey, it is at the point when greatness arises and you recover yourself from the boundaries of the past.

And the painting whooshed off my brush like a spiritual locomotive of passionate child- like energy, surging truth from my brush. The heart is simple, true, pure, innocent, and honest, just like the moments when you know that you can achieve anything, and you move beyond the boundaries of negative thought, beyond the boundaries of what is comfortable, but rather a pure desire TO LIVE, TO LOVE, TO GROW, TO DREAM.

Ok, so I have two Pretty Please Birthday Requests. First, Please Join the conversation and tell me your thoughts and Secondly click the picture of Beyond  the Boundaries to see a VERY EXCLUSIVE LIMITED 50th BIRTHDAY OFFER for you. This offer will only last a few days. So please, you owe it to yourself to check this out!

Much love to you!

Debbie Marie Arambula,  Heartist


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15 thoughts on “Beyond the Boundaries, painting from the heart

  1. I love you!! Beyond the Boundaries is my favorite work of yours – ever. Happy Birthday my lovely friend!!


  2. Debbie

    Happy Birthday! Keep up the good work,and sharing the happiness you have with your paintings and emails.

    My favorite is From the Bottom of His Heart.

    Love your cuz, Desiree


  3. Hello Debbie,
    Happy Birthday!!!! That’s awesome you are spending it well traveling and seeing beautiful countryside.
    I love your message on your video-blog. I try to do that when I am with my family or on my daily job with my dogs.
    We have a beautiful rose haven down by where we live. Many
    people from our town come and put such a great create into
    the garden. It has rows of beautiful colors and heavenly intoxicating smells, that weave in and out with pathways between. Nestled into the side of it
    is a lily pad pond. I love watching my dogs as they get a refreshing dip from it; their heads barely above the water, they look like water buffalo! There are also bright orange color dragonflys that flit about and the purple lily pads give it such a pretty backdrop, as the sun sparkles off the water. Anyway
    its one of my pleasure moments, thought I’d share.
    Talk to you soon, L, Debby


  4. Happy Birthday Debbie! Love, Betts & Joe

    The piece is beautiful and wish we could add to our collection, but just can’t swing it right now. Say hi to Steve for us!


  5. Happy birthday! I was wondering if it would be ok with you if I got this heart as a Tattoo? I have been searching forever for something that represents everything I have been through with my daughter. She has CHD and we have been in and out of the hospital. I cant even begin to tell you how much this Heart represents my life. Thank you so much for your consideration.


    1. Hi Christine,
      Thank you so much for your heartfelt mini story. I am a HUGE Fan of supporting CHD and actually have a heart dedicated to this. Did you know that? Funny I get asked all the time about this Tatoo’s. This is how ever a limited edition piece. I would love to speak to you personally about the Tattoo. Please call me (408) 370-7278


  6. Debbie, I love your latest painting!!!! It’s awesome!! Hope you will also offer smaller versions one day… Keep up the great work and hope to see you in AZ again soon.


  7. Debbie Marie,

    What inspires can be in the breath the eye the hand. So much. A thought a sharing, a moment. It all depends on the one, few or many. What matters is love and what does the heart represent but that. As love is open and inspiring and can be felt in so many ways.

    Happy Birthday my very inspired and creative friend




  8. Debbie –

    When I saw your “Beyond the Boundaries” girlfriend, I knew that it had to be in my home. I already have the perfect place in mind where I’m going to hang it, where I can see it all day while I’m working.

    I find your words about happiness and leaving negative thoughts behind ~ so very inspirational. You definitely give Norman Vincent Peale a run for his money ~ that is for certain!

    I hope that you continue celebrating your ‘5-0’ B-day all month long! (BTW – Let me know if you’re looking for any birthstone jewelry! As it is also my birthstone, I have quite a large stock!).

    Take care my friend and can’t wait to see you & Steve in Del Mar.

    Love Ya –



    1. Hi Rita,
      Wow I am so glad this piece speaks to you. We all have our own stories of moving beyond the boundaries, you however have also inspired me! Thank you for the wonderful compliments, collecting so many of my pieces, but most of all for being a friend! Love you


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