Happy Heart Thoughts ~ Find your Soul Sister!

Hello my friends,

As I walk in this journey of life and love, I am constantly reminded of the great gifts our soul sisters give us. How lucky you we are to find friends that we can trust and tell anything to! What a blanket of comfort for the heart and soul. I find that when I am in need, I can always reach out to my soul sisters that understand and love me unconditionally.  I find such laughter and happiness in our our relationship and it is through these relationships I gain strength in the journey.

As I get closer to my 5oth Birthday I am winding my way through some adventuring soul shifting.  This week presented a few challenges and within minutes of talking to my soul sisters, the grey clouds lifted and the sunshine poked through. Thank God for soul sisters!  As I walk in this journey, I find the stories unfold in my paintings and the more I grow, the more I give and my light shines thru my art, my stories, my love, my life. I am alive, I am love, I am here and so are you.


I welcome your thoughts!

5 thoughts on “Happy Heart Thoughts ~ Find your Soul Sister!

  1. Yes….it is the type of friend who you may have not even seen for awhile, and we just continue on as if the time had not been lost. Also it is the friend who makes you feel more like yourself and who also help you find out more about yourself. I love you Debbie!


  2. Debbie – a very happy birthday but moreso a new year ahead to fill the world with more love, joy and inspiration!


    1. Hi Debbie. I am just getting caught up on your blogs as I am new to all of this. I was at your art show in Lake Tahoe, 2010, the day of your birthday I believe. I know because you mentioned you were going out for dinner to celebrate! I had been at that show off and on all week. When leaving, a beautiful painting caught my eye and I told my husband to wait. He saw the heart paintings and smiled. He is used to me checking out hearts everywhere we go. I fell in love with a black and white painting, but could not afford it. While talking to you, you showed me a print without a frame that was very affordable to me and my husband purchased it for me. Yay! It hangs in my kitchen and I must tell you that people stop to look at it when they see it for the first time. I give them the story of your inspiration behind it and for the life of me can’t remember the name of it right now. Your Dad had passed and you won tickets on the radio to see a pianist and you were inspired out of a dry spell to paint this and someday I will have a painting of yours. I love this picture. My kitchen is black and white and red, and now you know why it hangs in my kitchen. Thank you for inspiring us all. Your pictures and paintings shout joy, hope, happiness, smile, and have faith! I believe! ❤


      1. Hi Kathy,
        Yeah You did it! Awesome to have you in the Blog Zone! How did you figure it out? I remember you in Tahoe. Your hubby gets extra points, for buying you something that inspires you and your friends. Yes the story of From the Bottom of His Heart is pretty cool! And I don’t expect you everyone can remember the stories. I have a hard time myself…..My Dad is still alive, Thank god! I love him so much… You know when you have a Dad like mine you are a lucky girl for sure. Thanks for you kind words, really appreciate it!
        Have you seen my website yet?


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