Happy Heart Thoughts

Hello my friends,

WELCOME to my new blog. A place to find simple, inspirational, happy thoughts for your heart.

Today marks a very important & special day of deep love for my family.  I dedicate this opening day to my younger brother Paul. Today is your day and I wish you an abundance of love & inspiration in your heart and soul. High Five! You are so important to me and I adore you!

Life’s journey is all about loving, living, serving and creating  happiness & joy in what we do every day. Even in our darkest hour, to rise above and pull thru with eyes wide open to the adventure that presents itself, this is who we are as spiritual beings. We are alive and in each one of us we have the power to  CREATE negativity or positivity.

WE GENERATE HAPPINESS within the realms of our thoughts & actions. This week try it! Every time a negative thought comes your way, replace it quickly with positive THOUGHTS! And just keep doing this till you believe it! Just try it. Let me know what happens. I would love to hear what you have to say about happiness.

So many people have told me over the years about the power of my art and how it has increased the happiness of their family & friends.

Experts say that happier people are more productive and lead happier, fuller lives. Makes sense to me!

Since I was a little girl, I have always hoped to inspire happiness for others, whether I was dancing, singing  or choreographing a skit with my cousins, to give you inspiring, exciting, positive energy that increases your happiness & creates a better world!

To launch this new adventure we will post a personal video of me on Friday, June 18th  with some more of my simple secrets on how I overcome negativity & what I do to uplift myself.

What has my art done for you, your family and your friends? Please post a comment below! I’d love to hear about it!

Live life & love to the fullest,

Debbie M. Arambula ~ The Heart Artist

18 thoughts on “Happy Heart Thoughts

  1. My large heart painting I have hanging over my bed in bright reds, golds, purples and lavenders makes me smile and warms my heart everyday when I look at it…..It is my one and only piece of artwork that I bought for myself…I love it! Thank you Debbie! Many Blessings and love sent your way!


    1. Chi Cha you are so sweet. I am so glad that you got that piece for yourself, you deserve it! I remember the day I met you with my hubby, my brother Rocci & his lovely wife, my sister Maryjo. We all felt like we new each other for a long time. So happy that you got “Dancing With Your Seat Belt off” Still one of my most favorite pieces. Have you read the story about it? It is on my website.


  2. Debbie,
    Our home is filled with your art. Every room has at least one piece, some small some large. My favorite is of course my beautiful heart over our bed. Your art make me happy and brings back beautiful memories of each purchase. Your Peace and Love collection reminds me of the way we try and live our lives. Come to Colorado and visit soon!
    Tom and Corinne


    1. Hi Honey Bunnies,
      My heart is filled with joy that you love me and I love you. You have been with me from the beginning and to know that I get to hug you with my hearts everyday gives me joy. So can not wait to come to visit you in Colorado. The joy we have in our hearts to give is amazing and I find the more and more I share positiveness with others the better every one feels. Share your light baby share it!


  3. Hi Deb,
    I love your blog, it’s so positive and encouraging to
    everyone!! Keep up the great work!! By the way, have you
    ever considered having some of your art put on fabric like
    for bedding? I am very picky about comforters, etc. but
    your designs would be beautiful !!!

    Love, Deb


    1. Thank you Debby! I am so glad you like it. I will be releasing my first Blog video later tonight. SO EXCITED. I will share some simple things one can try, to bring more happiness in life. It is my intention to inspire & spread more love and peace in this troubled world. I truly believe that we have the capacity to create positive change everyday within our own lives and the lives of others. And I am certain if we do it fast enough we can reverse the direction in which this world is headed. Pretty powerful beliefs but this is true for me. It is how I try to live my life as much as possible. Yes I have thought of comforters just not in the works right now. I honored that you would choose mine if I had one. Abundance of Light and love to you! Deb


      1. Thank you for your reply. Yes, we agree with that philosophy and if we each have this similar goal–all of our positive energy will help change the direction the world is headed!
        So we will try to do the same!
        Love, Deb


  4. Thanks Debbie for the wonderful art you have created. Our latest piece “Remembrance” is the focal point of our new room and it is just fantastic. The three pieces we have in that room all tie together and give the room a very warm and loving feeling, Just being in the room gives you a sense of calm and peacefulness. Thank you for the joy you have brought to our house through your beautiful hearts!!!!!


    1. Hi Becky,
      Thank you so much. You and your hubby are very special people and I thank you for all your support. It makes me so happy to know that my art effects you & your family so positively. Giving you warmth, calm, peacefulness and Joy is what my life’s Heart works are all about! ML Deb


  5. Dear Debbie,
    We go back a very long time as friends and “sisters”
    I love your immense spirit and love for mankind and I am clear on your purpose to help not only yourself but those around you. This makes you very unique and wonderful and I am so proud of you, your courage to stand up and express what you believe and above all watching your art grow both in scope and beauty. All my love and support.


    1. Heather,
      AH SHUCKS you are too kind. We go so far back I think you were in my moms womb! Hee Hee….You are a goddess and I love you so much. Thank you for always being there for me to catch me when I fell. Sometimes in this adventure called life falling hurts, but when you fall into arms like yours it is a rebirth. Love you Sista


  6. Hi Debbie!

    My children and I met you at Fiesta Hermosa over Memorial Day weekend, on Mon. 5/31. We also went on Saturday 5/29 and that day when we walked past your booth, I felt very drawn to your artwork. I knew that I had to stop by and take a look. You and Steve were so sweet and fun to talk to, and best of all, we walked away with three lovely prints!

    Hope to acquire more of your lovely work in the future!




  7. Debbie,
    My mom and i met you about two years ago at a fair in San Mateo, it was my 17th birthday and you painted a beautiful heart especially (you had to run to the store to get the right purple)for me that day. Anyway, i enjoy looking at your painting so much. It never fails to bring a smile to my face. We plan to come see your gallery this summer, hopefully for another painting, and to say hi to you and your husband. We have been super busy and have had a few setbacks in the family so we have not got around to it as soon as we wished to. Lifes busy but ofcourse you know we must make the best of it.
    Much Love,

    Felicia Pye


  8. Hi Debbie, I was watching the Paula Abdul video from our seminar with Brendon Burchard….and there you were in the audience! You looked great– happy and wearing your wonderful heart earrings. Yes, I could see just a bit of Steve to your left…

    It was wonderful meeting you and I want to stay connected. I love the energy and power of your paintings and your passion for sharing the joy and love of life!


  9. Hi Debbie,

    You are so right about the news (my grandaughter Faith said listen grandma, don’t watch the news).

    I enjoy my paintings, they put a smile on me.


  10. Hi Debbie! I just heard you on the PLF webcast. I was very encouraged by your launching your art through the PLF. I found your site right away and have had fun looking at all your work and reading your blog and seeing your videos. You truly are an inspiration to me today:) And your art seems to embody you so well. I hope to meet you on the PLF forum that was just created.

    Be blessed,



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